It’s second post of my series where I review gaming chairs. After AKRacing AK-7002 this time it’s AKRacing AK-5015 review. If you looking for good chair for gaming you won’t disappoint! Enjoy!

Perhaps, I should just say that I was a bit fortunate to have come across AK-5015 Nitro Ergonomic gaming chair because I was previously going through hard times trying to focus on my office work and enjoy my favorite PC video games.

While the internet has made it easier to get what we want without stepping out of our homes, I took the advantage to search and order different kinds of office chairs but nay – I didn’t get it right. My rough and tough times in front of the screen continued, the back pains persisted and everything started to look boring to me until I learnt about this chair.

If I say this chair is one of the best I’ve ever had – it’s not an overstatement though.

AKRacing AK-5015 ergonomic chair review blue

AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair has a metal structure that guarantees its durability and strong nature while it also ensured my sitting safety. The metal frame gives the chair a perfect shape and makes it look very elegant in the corner of my office.

>> Yep, it’s true. AKRacing is high-end and quite expensive chair. If your budget is smaller check other inexpensive gaming chairs here.

The colorful design is exactly what I have been looking for in a chair and I can’t just stop wondering why I hadn’t known about this model for a long time. Anyway, the deal is perfect and to be honest, I had good time doing my daily office work – my back pain and boring moment disappeared.

I love the adjustable tilt as it permitted me to move the chair in slopping position and to create enough space for my legs. The height is also adjustable to fit everyone’s choice while the armrests are well-designed to give comfort to the shoulders when you sit at your desk. And check out the backrest; it couldn’t have been better designed than this as the back angle is made to 180 degree adjustment that enabled me to adjust it to my desire.

AKRacing AK-5015 Review

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There are many reasons why you need to have this chair in your home or office and asides its affordable price, the comfort it gives users is unmatched. The pillow gave me proper relaxation and I felt extremely comfortable doing my office work and when having fun with my PC game.

Green Version of AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair

Ergonomic shape of AKRacing AK-5015 provide you great comfort of playing

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Are you thinking about how to assemble this chair? Do not bother, it is quite very simple and I didn’t go through any stress doing it. It takes few minutes to assemble and you do not have to be an expert to do it – just follow the manual and your chair is ready for use.

Pros and Cons of AKRacing AK-5015

  • constructed with metal
  • a lot of color versions
  • adjustable backrest, tilt and height
  • 180-degree adjustable armrests
  • not included with 3D and 4D armrest

Btw. If you are considering different companies like DXRacer or Vertagear check my article: AKRacing vs DXRacer vs Vertagear vs Arozzi – Best Gaming Chairs 2017.

In comparison to budget chairs under $100 I had used before, I found AKRacing AK-5015 Nitro Gaming Chair to be a creative art of experts and exotic furniture production of this era. Made wholly in metal and reclines with ease, this chair proves to be the best available office and gaming seat in the market. You can check Amazon website to choose your favorite color but I preferred going for black which fits the design of my office. Its awesome structure is carefully made and the outstanding material used in its production will make it last much longer – meanwhile, shipping and delivery was quick.

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