It’s Dave here again and I’m back with AKRacing EX-Wide and AKRacing EX review!

Not sure if it’s worth your money? Keep reading.

At the beginning a little background.

AKRacing EX-Wide and EX are new gaming chairs from AKRacing released in January 2018. They are part of newly-created Core Series.

AKRacing EX-Wide & EX Review - Core Series

If you follow gaming chairs market you may already know AKRacing K7 and Prime Series.

Yes, AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide and EX look like an upgraded and slightly redesigned version of K7 & Prime.

Why am I reviewing two of them at once? Because they are very similar.

Actually the only difference between AKRacing EX-Wide and AKRacing EX is the size & foam weight (but more about this later).

Ok, let’s start with features!

Features of AKRacing EX & EX-Wide

Base, Wheels & Tilt Mechanism

AKRacing EX-Wide and EX bases are made of black metal which is anti-corrosive.

As these are the new chairs there’s not too many reviews on the Internet about these specific bases.

But previous models (K-7 and Prime) had quite good opinions. So we can assume that new models are as solid as their previous versions (or even better).

AKRacing Core Series Ex base

Wheels are big enough – 2.5 inch PU casters (only Pro and Onyx have bigger ones).

What is worth mentioning: metal frame of all AKRacing chairs has 10 years warranty. The other parts? 5 years. Long enough.

In EX and EX-Wide we have standard gaming chairs tilt mechanism with rocking function, adjustable tension and class 4 gas lift. Its durability is rated up to 330 lbs. I’d say it’s a standard in better chairs for gamers.

recline akracing core series ex-wide

AKRacing Core Series EX and EX-Wide also offer us full 180 degrees recline. So if you want to take a quick nap, it shouldn’t be a problem.  I even saw that some people were using AKRacing (and DXRacer) chairs as bench to work out (sic!). Crazy.

Foam Density & Foam Weight

Foam density of AKRacing EX and Ex-Wide is the same: 55 kg/m³ on the seat and 50 kg/m³ on the back.

But foam weight is different.

AKRacing Core Series EX has 4.85 lbs of premium quality cold-cured foam. EX-Wide model has 22% more foam than the EX model.

AKRacing EX-Wide core series foam densityHere you can check the latest price of AKRacing EX-Wide

Please remember: Amount of foam is important but if you are lighter person you probably don’t need as much of it as heavier gamer.

If you want to choose AKRacing EX-Wide vs EX don’t look at that. Better check size and BMI recommendation (more about size recommendations later).

All you need to know about foam of AKRacing Core Series EX and EX-Wide is the fact that amount of foam is very good.

Even when we compare it to different gaming chairs like DXRacer. For example DXRacer Formula Series has foam density of 52 kg/m³, while Racing Series has 50 kg/m³.


armrests-akracing core series ex-wideHere we have in my opinion the most important upgrade (when we compare EX-Wide & EX models to K-7 and Prime).

In both chairs we have 3D armrests. We can adjust them in 3 directions: up & down, back & forth and rotate left to right.

3D arms are pretty important when we use keyboard and mouse and our hands are widely spaced. When you use gamepad normal 2D armrest will be fine too.


Pillows for support your neck and lumbar are pretty common even in the most budget gaming chairs.

AKRacing Core Series Pillows Reviews

Both AKRacing EX and EX-Wide offer us these two pillow as well. People loved pillows in older models (read more here) so with the new ones we can expect the same. If you are worry about the ergonomics of your work or play it will definitely help you to keep proper posture.

Material, Design & Colors

AKRacing Core Series EX and EX-Wide are fabric chairs.

Yeah, fabric cover may look a little bit worse than leather (just my private opinion) but people actually like it more!

Previous models with fabric (K7, Prime) were the most popular AKRacing gaming chairs.

Why? Reason is simple.

You don’t sweat like on PU leather chairs .Of course the price is another reason!

If you are die hard gamer you’ve probably played till late at night more than once. Long hours on PU leather chair especially when you live in hot place are.. not really nice 😉

That’s why people often prefer breathable fabric chairs like K7 and Prime than better looking leather chairs.

all colors akracing core series EX & EX-Wide

And that’s the case with AKRacing Core EX-Wide & EX. If you often play long hours, you’d probably like their fabric covers.

How about colors and design?

We have one design for all chairs. But one design doesn’t mean one color.

You can choose from 9 different palettes of colors. AKRacing EX has 5, while EX-Wide has 4 options.

To be more specific – AKRacing EX colors:

  • Black
  • Black / Blue
  • Black / Red
  • Red / Black
  • Blue / Black

EX-Wide misses only one design, so we have:

  • Black
  • Black / Blue
  • Back / Red
  • Red / Black

Stitches of these chairs look good and the overall design is pretty cool too. Take a look at the photo below.

AKRacing ex-wide material core series

AKRacing EX Core Series – Size (Height & Weight) Recommendation

I always write on my blog:

Choosing the proper chair for your body type is most crucial thing when you are buying gaming (or office) chair. Period.

Not material, not cushion, not pillows, not design – the most important thing is your body type & shape and destination of the chair.

So for whom is AKRacing EX Core Series designed?

AKRacing doesn’t give us exact height and weight recommendation but BMI index (which is cool too).

Official recommendation from AKRacing for EX Core Series is:

Recommended BMI: Up to 29
Border: 30-35
Not for: 36 and over

Recommended weight: Up to 330 lbs

What is my BMI? Check in this calculator.

So if you are an average person or even a little bit chubby AKRacing EX Core Series should be good for you.

But what if you are bigger?

AKRacing EX-Wide Core Series – Size (Height & Weight) Recommendation

If you are a bigger guy EX-Wide is for you.

Recommendation from official AKRacing website:

Recommended BMI: Up to 35
Border: 36-40
Not for: 41 and over

Recommended weight: Up to 330 lbs

Again, if you don’t know your BMI check it here.

Differences Between AKRacing EX and EX-Wide

AKRacing Core Series EX vs EX-Wide

AKRacing Core Series EX vs EX-Wide

To see all differences between these two models check the table below.

AKRacing EX Core SeriesAKRacing EX-Wide Core Series
Recommended forBMI up to 29BMI up to 35
Colors (designs) to choose from54
FrameSteelWide Steel
Foam Weight4.85 lbs5,917 (22% more)

..and actually that’s it! As I said before, not too many differences. That’s why I decided to review both AKRacing Core Series EX and EX-Wide in one article.

AKRacing EX & EX-Wide vs AKRacing K7 & Prime

At the beginning of this article I wrote that AKRacing Core Series EX and EX-Wide are redesigned and a little bit changed versions of older AKRacing K7 and Prime.

We can still (when I’m writing this) buy older models but they won’t be restocked in the future.

AKRacing EX vs K7 Series

AKRacing EX vs K7 Series. On the first glance they look the same. But are they really?

For now we have choice. But probably not for too long.

So what are the differences between AKRacing EX / EX-Wide and older AKRacing K7 and Prime?

  1. Foam density
    AKRacing K7 and Prime had density of 49 kg/m³ (seat) and 50 kg/m³ (back). EX and EX-Wide has 55 kg/m³ on the seat and 50 kg/m³ on the back.
  2. Armrests
    AKRacing EX & EX-Wide have 3D armrests while K7 and Prime only 2D.
  3. Price
    As we could expect, because of better features new models are a little bit more expensive.

Just a few changes but I think very important ones. Armrests and quality of sitting are key things for comfort of gaming sessions.

Why You Will Love AKRacing EX / EX-Wide Chair?

  1. Upgraded AKRacing EX and EX-Wide are even more comfortable thanks to better foam density and foam weight
  2. Fabric cover is great for long gaming sessions, especially if you live in hot climate
  3. 3D armrests are nice feature for both PC and console gaming
  4. Pillows for neck and lumbar will keep your body in ergonomic position
  5. Long warranty (5/10 years)
  6. We can choose from two different sizes (for average and bigger gamers)

Why You Would Avoid This Chair?

  1. You may prefer PU leather over fabric cover and that’s not available for these models
  2. If you are tall person (over 6 feet tall) EX and EX-Wide chairs could be too small for you

My Final Conclusion

akracing ex series reviews

New line of AKRacing chairs looks very promising. AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide and EX are better than the older models in key sections (foam density and armrests).

If you like fabric cover and this chair fits your body size I’d recommend you to go for it. Here & here you can check if there are any discounts right now.

I hope that my review of AKRacing EX & EX-Wide will help you to make final decision and play with even more comfort!

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