Hi guys! If you don’t know me yet, I’m Dave and on this blog I review gaming (and office) chairs.

Today I have for you my AKRacing Core Series LX & SX review.

Similar to the review of AKRacing EX and EX-Wide I will take a closer look at them in just one article.

Most important parts, features and measurements are the same or very similar so there’s no point to write about these two chairs two different articles.

AKRacing SX LX Review from Core Series

Quick introduction:

AKRacing Core Series is the new series of gaming chairs released by AKRacing in 2018.

AKRacing LX and SX are very similar to older AKRacing’s chairs – AKRacing Overture & Octane. Frankly, they look almost the same.

But there are few significant differences and I will write about them later.

So if you want to know the differences between AKRacing LX and SX Core Series, features, my opinion about them you will find it in this article.

Is AKRacing LX better than Overture? What is the difference between SX and Octane?

Keep reading to get answers! Here we go!

What Features Offer AKRacing LX & SX Core?

Base, Wheels & Tilt Mechanism

AKRacing SX and LX are pretty similar in many ways to EX and EX-Wide. It’s nothing surprising – they are all gaming chairs from Core Series.

Therefore the base, wheels and tilt mechanism are exactly the same.

We have solid, black metal base which is anti-corrosive with 2.5 inch PU casters.

AKRacing LX Base

In AKRacing SX and LX the company has used standard (conventional) mechanism with rocking function and adjustable tension. This mechanism is pretty standard and good enough for average body type person.

Thanks to class 4 gas lift the chair can hold up to 330 lbs. I’m sure it’s enough for most people.

If we would like to take a quick nap full 180 degrees recline will help us with that.

akracing sx core series recline

How about the frame?

AKRacing LX is a little bit bigger than AKRacing SX. But it’s not really huge difference. Both gaming chairs are designed for very similar body types but more about this later.

It’s cool that AKRacing gives us 10 years warranty on metal frame. We have also 5 years for other parts.

In short: AKRacing Core Series LX & SX give us all necessary functions and mechanisms which we should expect from a good gaming chair.

No let’s take a look at comfort.

Foam Density & Foam Weight

Comfort of gaming sessions is most likely the reason why you should consider buying a gaming chair.

Foam plays a huge role in that aspect.

How do AKRacing Core Series LX and SX look in terms of foam density and foam weight?

akracing lx core series comfort reviews

Good. Actually it’s very good. Similar sizes of popular DXRacer chairs (Formula, Racing) have foam density lower than AKRacing LX and SX (which have 55 kg/m³ on the seat and 50 kg/m³ on the back).

Ok, you already know that foam density is the same in both LX and SX model. But how about foam weight?

In this aspect AKRacing LX is better than SX. It has 10% more of the cold cured foam than EX gaming chair. So I suppose it’s also 10% more than SX (as they don’t mention foam weight of SX model, so it’s probably standard).

Anyway foam density is definitely one of big advantages of new models from AKRacing (and your butt will thank you for that comfort ;))


armrests akracing core seriesAKRacing LX & SX offer us the same armrests like EX and EX-Wide models (and better than the old models – Overture and Octane).

Both chairs have 3D armrests. We can move them in 3 different directions: left to right, back & forth, up & down.

It’s useful when you’d like to adjust it to your keyboard and mouse (or gamepad).

This is important upgrade from 2D armrest which were offered in AKRacing Overture and Octane. Big plus for AKRacing for that.


Pillows in older models (Overture and Octane) were very appreciated by users. It should be the same case with AKRacing LX and SX.

akracing SX pillows

For now we can’t find too many reviews of customers because SX and LX are on the market for a short time. But if you have ever used pillows for neck and lumbar support you know how important and good they are.

It was game-changer for me. So if you care about your back and ergonomics of your play / work you will also love them.

Material, Design & Colors

In contrast to other models from Core Series, AKRacing LX and SX are made of premium quality PU leather.

As always there are advantages and disadvantages of that solution.

For me a chair with PU leather looks better than fabric seats. Second plus is that it’s even easier to clean.

Unfortunately if you live in very hot place and your gaming sessions are very long PU leather can be tiring. But that’s the cost of good design. Of course you can choose gaming chair with perforated PU leather for better breathability but you will pay more for that.

AKRacing LX & SX Colors

A few words about the design itself.

Personally I love it. Especially AKRacing LX. I think it’s one of the best design of gaming chair on the market. It looks really sharp and aggressive.

But of course it’s just my personal opinion. Maybe for you it will be too colorful or you just won’t like it.

AKRacing gives us 11 colors to choose from:

AKRacing SX Core Series colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Lavender
  • Red
  • White

AKRacing LX Core Series colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Red
  • White

Overall performance of the chair is very good, stitches don’t stick out. In short: you can see it’s a premium, not a cheap gaming chair.

AKRacing LX & SX Core Series – Size (Height & Weight) Recommendation

AKRacing, instead of giving us height and weight recommendation, suggests the best user’s BMI for every chair.

Actually we know maximum weight of AKRacing LX and SX . It’s up to 330 lbs but it results from the base and tilt mechanism, not the shape of the chair. So I wouldn’t look on that too much.

Anyway, below you can find recommendation for both AKRacing LX and SX in terms of BMI (they are the same for LX & SX):

Recommended BMI: up to 29

Border: 30-35

Not recommended for: 36 and over

If you don’t know what is your BMI check this calculator.

One more thing! Yes, AKRacing LX is a little bit bigger than SX.

But it’s not a big difference.

For example: the back of AKRacing SX has 33 inches while LX back is 34.5 inches long. The seat is also a little bit wider (0.3 inches).

If I can suggest – check your BMI. If you are 29 or close to that go for SX, if you’re ~33 or more LX should be better for you.

Of course the best way is to try the chair in local store. But all these gaming chairs (not only from AKRacing) are hard to find there.

And with AKRacing in case of any problems you have the comfort of returning the product without paying the restocking fees (the cost for opening the box and assembling the chair) when you order through internet. So it’s a big advantage (because for example DXRacer has a restocking fees).

Differences Between AKRacing Core Series LX and SX

AKRacing SX vs LX Core Series

AKRacing SX vs LX Core Series

As you probably already know there are not too many differences.

But I will summarize all of them below:

  1. AKRacing LX and SX have slightly different designs
  2. AKRacing SX Core Series offers us one more color to choose from
  3. Foam weight of AKRacing LX is bigger than in SX
  4. AKRacing LX could be better for a little bit bigger gamers than SX (but not too much)

AKRacing LX & SX Core Series vs AKRacing Overture & Octane

AKRacing SX vs Octane

AKRacing SX vs Octane

Ok, but how about comparing the new AKRacing LX & SX from Core Series vs older AKRacing Octane & Overture?

 AKRacing SX & LX Core SeriesAKRacing Octane & Overture
Foam Density55 kg/m³ (seat) 50 kg/m³ (back)55 kg/m³ (seat) 50 kg/m³ (back)
Foam weightLX has 10% more cold cured foamStandard

Yes, differences are not really big. The main upgrades were armrests.

Why You Will Love AKRacing LX & SX Core Series?

  1. AKRacing SX & LX have 3D armrests which provide you maximum comfort and adjustment during gaming sessions
  2. Design (especially of LX) looks really awesome
  3. Long warranty (5/10 years)
  4. No restocking fees if you’d like to return the chair

Why You Would Avoid These Chairs?

  1. If you live in hot place PU leather could be annoying for long period of time
  2. If your BMI is over 36 avoid these chairs. They won’t be comfy for you

My Final Conclusion

New models from one of the most popular gaming chairs brands – AKRacing look very good.

They are upgraded with 3D armrest, which we missed on Overture and Octane Series.

If you like PU leather, good design and you expect premium comfort I’m sure that AKRacing Core Series SX and LX will meet your expectations.

PS. Here you can find AKRacing SX and AKRacing LX with their latest prices.

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