Anyone who is intently looking around for an affordable office or computer chair is most likely to come across the Alera Elusion.

A glance at its specs sheets promises lots of high-end features yet the price tag is quite irresistible. This chair also seems like it could blend in just fine with any office setting, right?

My Alera Elusion review (Office Chair)

But remember what I say: No chair is a one-size-fits-all unit.

In that case, let’s dissect its every feature and help you figure it whether it’s a YES or a NO for you.

Who Is This Chair For?

I bet the easiest way to determine whether the Alera Elusion is yours or not is to understand who the manufacturer had in mind when crafting it.

You want to know whether it will fit your size and height to allow you to carry out your activities with precision.

I also ask our readers to keep an eye on the weight limit to avoid last minute inconveniences and any potential accidents.

alera elusion series features white

From the reviews’ standpoint, the Alera Elusion seems to have been designed for average to tall people.

I did come across guys who are comfortable using the chair at their 5’2″ height. But users below this mark reported that they couldn’t sit into the back of the chair and be able to place their feet comfortably on the ground at the same time.

Tall guys didn’t report any problems though. I’ve come across several buyers who max out at 6’2″ and who say that they are comfortable using the chair.

Here is the obvious question in your head, “will this budget chair support my weight?”

Well, the Elusion has a manufacturer’s stated weight capacity of 250 pounds. I didn’t come across any complaints with regard to weight probably because most of the buyers were way below this weight.

As such, I can’t offer a reliable opinion on whether this chair can hold more weight than this or not. It’s not always safe though and we’d never advocate for it.

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Worth noting is that this chair is adorned with lots of plastic parts including the handles. So, subjecting it to higher weight limits might lead to premature breakages and even accidents. No one wants this.

Why Should You Consider The Alera Elusion Series?

It’s Fully Adjustable

Mind you, this is its key selling point. This chair has an ergonomic design that adjusts in almost all the crucial dimensions to accommodate everyone. For instance, you could adjust its overall height from 36 5/8″ to 42 7/8″.

Doing so moves the seat height from its minimum 18 ¾” to 22 3/8″. The back height also moves from 20 1/8″ to 22 7/8″.

But the best part is that the arms can move horizontally to adjust the seat width to your comfortable size.

alera elusion reviews back adjustable

Again, the arm height from seat can adjust from 6 ¾” to 9 ¼”. This adjustability makes it possible to fit the chair under most tables. It also makes life quite easy especially if you use an under-desk keyboard tray.

Has a Contoured Seat Padding

Most people report that the seat padding is a smidgeon firm at first. But previous buyers also affirm that the padding does not flatten out easily.

In addition to this, the padding has a contoured shape to alleviate any pressure points and a waterfall rounded cushion to prevent cutting circulation around the knees. These are 2 killer features that will make it possible to sit on the chair for hours without your legs or buttocks going numb.

You Won’t Drown In Your Own Sweat

I also appreciate that the Alera Elusion uses a fabric cover over its seat padding. Unlike other low-end seats that use synthetic leather, this fabric allows adequate airflow to prevent the sitting surface from heating up.

alera elusion ALEEL42BME10B back view

In addition to this, it has a mesh back that not only boosts its aesthetics but also improves breathability around your back.

Offers Tilt Lock And Tilt Function

Of course, at I always advocate for a seat with the tilt lock especially if you’ll be using your chair both for typing and in meetings.

I recommend setting it in an upright position when typing away for hours. You could also lock it on a reclined position during meetings or when reading or taking calls.

In addition to this, the Alera Elusion also offers tilt tension adjustment that allows you to increase or decrease the force that you’ll use to rock the chair. Unfortunately, most people report that this tilt tension is quite stiff.

Has a stable base

This seat also has a solid and stable 5-star base that boasts 5 smooth-rolling casters. These casters doubled with this chair’s 360-degree swiveling capability might go a long way in boosting mobility around the office.

What Do Previous Users Say About It?

The Alera Elusion currently has a 4.1/5-star rating from its 670+ verified purchasers. This is enough proof that most people are content with how it performs (click here to read recent buyer’s firsthand experience).

Among other highlights, most people are stoked by its comfort and support levels. They appreciate the ability to adjust all the key fronts including the seat height and depth, back height, and armrests for comfortable typing and sitting postures.

The breathable seat padding cover and back mesh also garner lots of praise from most buyers- of course, these are key features that we are all looking for.

alera elusion review

They also appreciate that it assembles in just a few minutes. Most of them report that they were through with the assembly process in less than 20 minutes.

Where Does The Alera Elusion Office Chair Cut Corners?

As it’s always the case with any purchase, there are a few areas that I think that this chair could perform well.

For instance, it does not offer an independently adjustable lumbar support. Well, you could use the adjustable back to get good support around the lumbar region in relation to your height, but this won’t come without some compromise on comfort.

In addition, the mesh back won’t hold back forever especially if you are fond of pushing your back against it. Several buyers report that it starts to sag after some time.


Pros & Cons

  • It’s fully adjustable- anyone should get comfortable typing and resting postures
  • It’s comfortable and offers optimum support
  • Fabric seat and mesh back boosts breathability
  • Adjustable armrests fit under most office and computer tables
  • Has tilt lock and tilt tension
  • Has easy assembly
  • The tilt tension is stiff
  • Does not offer lumbar support
  • Adjustment knobs are not intuitive

My Verdict

All in all, the Alera Elusion has a lot to go for especially if its height and weight capacity isn’t an issue to you. I believe that this chair will hold up quite well with good care.

Thus, you have our full approval if you wish to go for it.

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