The AmazonBasics Mid-Back might be a great pick if you are not ready to pay top dollar for a basic gaming or office chair.

Of course, at way below the $100 mark, we don’t expect it to come endowed with lots of whistles and bells.

Amazonbasics Mid-Back Office Chair Review

Amazonbasics Mid-Back Office Chair Review – What I Think?

But before pulling the trigger and making the order, you want to make sure that it ticks 2 vital boxes; comfort and support.

So, how does this chair perform on these fronts? That’s exactly what we’ll be finding out in this review. Stay tuned!

Who Is The AmazonBasic Mid-Back Chair For?

Right off the bat, the AmazonBasics Mid-Back chair is a great pick for anyone who is looking for a basic chair that won’t break the bank.

This chair is light at around 20 pounds and, therefore, super easy to move around. Thus, it might suffice if you are in need of a chair that you’ll move around your house or office with ease.

What about its weight and height limits?

AmazonBasics does not offer a particular height limit with this seat. However, from several reviews across the web, it seems to be suitable for short to medium-height users.

I’ve seen lots of positive reports from users who fall within the 5′-5’8″ range.

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Worth noting, most users above this height tend to raise a redflag with regard to comfort and fit. However, I still came across several 6′ buyers who say that the seat was an ace for them in terms of comfort.

This makes it a little bit tricky, right?

Well, you could still luck into it if your body frame and structure fits perfectly within this chair’s width and depth.

However, if you have a history of bad experiences with seats that you force yourself into, I’d advise you to consider other models.

On the other hand, this seat has a manufacturer’s recommended weight limit of 225 pounds. I didn’t come across any complaint regarding weight from the 2800+ verified purchasers’ reviews (when writing this).

So, I bet it should hold up just fine provided you respect its weight limit (check out the latest customer feedbacks here).

Why Should You Consider The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Seat?

Simple Yet Functional

A simple glance at this seat will affirm that this seat is not crafted to please business clientele. Rather, it is built mainly for purpose and I bet it does that just fine.

Although a sophisticated seat is bound to impress your guests and open a world of possibilities from a comfort point of view, such units also tend to fail easily, not to mention their high price tags.

Built To Last

Regardless of its simple appearance, I really appreciate this chair’s solid and sturdy construction that places it way ahead of its similarly-priced alternatives.

side view amazonbasics midback
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Most of its parts have been crafted from hard plastic and don’t feel like they could break easily. Its base support is strong and the double-wheel casters also seem to be of good quality.

Notably, the Mid-Back has a mesh that is common with several high-end alternatives including the Alera Elusion. What’s so impressive here is that there were no complaints about it sagging as it’s the case with most high-end picks.

Has Basic Adjustability

This chair does not offer hundreds of options in terms of adjustability. Similar to its slightly pricier sibling, the AmazonBasics High-Back Executive, this seat only allows you to adjust the height and tilt functions using a pneumatic paddle.

You could adjust the seat height from 17 ½” to 22″. The tilt and lock functions allow you to customize the amount of recline that you want the chair to make.

Although quite basic, let’s just agree that an adjustable seat height and tilt are the most necessary adjustments so long as your body structure fits on the chair.

Has Customizable Tilt Tension Too!

In addition to the tilt lock, this seat also has a tension knob that lets you adjust the amount of force that you want to use on the tilt function. While this comes to personal preference, most people prefer average to maximum tension since you get an extra push at the back for optimum support.

Let’s Talk Comfort

For an entry-level office chair, I think this chair is just as comfortable as it can get at its price. The seat padding is just enough to offer good support for hours and has a smooth waterfall edge to ensure that the cushion does not pull on your nerves and cut circulation.

amazonbasics midback material

In addition, it also has a mesh back for enhanced breathability and comfort. I guess this makes it a good choice for guys who sweat a lot.

In addition to that, it also comes with smooth T-shaped armrests that offer added support and comfort, especially in meetings.

What Do Other People Say?

A high percentage of its previous buyers are really impressed by what it offers especially at its price. Most people note that it is sturdily built and seemingly durable with basic care.

Others seem to be stoked by its intuitive adjustment paddle and knob and how easy it is to use the pneumatic lift.

Although this seat requires assembly, previous buyers appreciate that the assembling process is not only a breeze but quite fun as well.

amazonbasics back view

Most buyers report that all the parts were included in the package in separate and well-labeled packages. They also say that the installation booklet included in the package was nicely detailed and easy to follow.

On The Flipside?

The major drawbacks that most people point out include the fixed armrests and seat depth and width. Several people find that the non-adjustable armrests make it a tad hard to slide the chair under their short tables.

Also, buyers with a huge body frame may feel squished between the non-adjustable seat-width.

Pros & Cons

  • It’s inexpensive
  • Has a satisfactory build for its price
  • Offers lumbar support- this is a feature that several other seats that come at double its price lack
  • Comfortable and supportive- has a mesh-covered strong and comfortable seat padding that won’t flatten easily. Its mesh back is also supportive and highly breathable for optimum comfort
  • Has intuitive height and tilt adjustment controls
  • Its fixed armrests may stand in your way of using the mouse comfortably (you could uninstall them though)
  • Does not offer lots of adjustability options
  • Fixed seat width may not suit everyone

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