Today we have sooo many options. Hundreds of brands, even more products and one question: how to choose the most comfortable computer chair?

It is true that shopping for a product such as a comfortable office chair can be pretty hard. This is so because you have to be very keen when it comes to features and tiny details so that you make a decent purchase.

Finding  good and comfy PC chair in a market that is filled with thousands of models to choose from can be nerve cracking.

But don’t worry – I’m Dave and on my blog I reviewed really many both computer chairs for office and for gaming. Thanks to this article you will find the best and most comfy computer chair for you!

The situation has been made worse by the existence of low quality chairs that have flooded the market like the plague. But still there’s a room for the good one’s.

There are many factors that affect the kind of choice we make when it comes shopping for a great office chair. Such factors include thing such as color weight, accessories and other features such as reclining functions and height adjusters.

What Is Most Comfortable Computer Chair? This Ranking Will Help You

In this article, I will make things easy for you. This guide is here to help make the right decision and also choose the best products on the market that are legit and will serve you for the longest time possible.

I will briefly discuss some of the most comfortable office chairs for working at the computer that I think you may afford. These chairs come with amazing features and you won’t regret investing your time and money on them if you’ll decide to buy one.

Here’s the ranking of most comfortable computer chair in 2019:

1. BestOffice Office Chair Desk

BestOffice Office Chair Desk Ergonomic Swivel Executive Adjustable Task Computer High Back Chair

BestOffice Office Chair Desk (Executive Computer High Back Chair)

Spending many hours in front of your laptop or PC is not an easy thing, it is mentally and physically exhausting. In fact, if you sit in incorrect position you may get tired and distracted really quickly.

Unhealthy sitting position can have a big impact on your wellbeing – it can cause back pain, neck pain, numbness in legs, shoulder pain, and even headaches. That’s why it’s so important to choose proper and best office chair. It may be a game changer for those who spend many hours per day at the desk and suffer for various types of pains.

With my research, you can get into the right direction, and this is where BestOffice Office Chair Desk comes in. It is one of the most popular and top rated office chairs out there.

The chair is quite comfortable and safe for all your sitting needs in an office or at home.

Good option for people on a tight budget. It’s a most basic computer chair for someone who doesn’t want to spend much money.

This chair features a delicate leather upholstery with enough padding, which makes it an all-purpose chair, good for different types of users.

It really doesn’t matter whether you need a chair for your office or for your home, it will give you proper support and provide you with all conveniences.

The height of executive chair is adjustable by using a pneumatic gas lift. In addition, the unit is made of strong metal that gives it a study and secure feel.

➞ You can read more details about this chair here

2. Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair with Back In Motion Technology

Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair with Back In Motion Technology


Give your office a sense of style and comfort with this amazing cheap office chair. It is a stylish piece of art that looks incredible with many features. It is made from environmentally friendly leather that makes the chair durable and strong.

This chair also comes with a black finish that gives the whole unit a stylish appeal. This color fits well with any interior décor.

serta office chair is good for computer work because of the function which pivot your lumber forward

In addition, the chair features deep ergo layered pillows that give your body not only serene environment, but also a tranquil seating experience.

Adjustable armrest and lumbar support are features which should has every good computer office chair. Serta has it all.

The armrest features a stylish push button that is easily adjustable for precise arm positioning. The Serta 44186 Back in Motion Health and Wellness Chair has BIM lumbar that supports your movement to ensure you continue to feel relaxed while working.

The unit also comes with an ergonomically positioned seat side cable lever that controls the pneumatic lift lockout feature for great functionality. In addition, there is a designed multi –surfaced wheel Performa casters that let you move from one place to another within your work station. The base of the chair is made of heavy duty nylon material that has a glossy finish. The chair meets the BIFMA standards, hence safe to use.

➞ You can read more details about this chair here

3. Alera Merix Series Mesh Computer Chair

Alera Merix Series Mesh Mid Back Computer Chair

Alera Merix Series Mesh Mid Back Computer Chair

This is another very good office chair under $200. The Alera Merix450 Series Mesh Chair has a professional look and it is stylish. It gives users a great sitting experience and can handle weight of up to 450lbs.

It comes with a stylish and breathable fabric mesh back. The mesh fabric seat is cushioned well to give you the comfort and warmth you need.

Nice mesh backseat, ergonomic shape and quality materials. Alera office chair has also over 300 positive reviews on Amazon – it’s meaningful, right?

Moreover, the unit comes with an integrated lumbar supports that improves your posture and direct your sitting position.

The arm rest also is something worth mentioning.  The chair is a great choice for those who love armless chairs because the padded armrest can easily be detached. The base of the chair is made from very strong material. This makes the chair sturdy and stable to support any weight. The casters are also attached to the base to increase stability and movement.

>> Psss. If your budget is between $200-$300 you may want to check my ranking of the best computer chairs under $300.

If you choose to buy this chair, you have different colors to choose from. All these color are compatible with any office décor.

The chair is also one of the lightest in the market, and it is also compact in size, meaning you can easily carry it from one place to another without any hassle; furthermore, it is very affordable.

4. Homall Ergonomic Series Executive Computer Chair

Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair High-Back Gaming Chair PU Leather Bucket Seat,Computer Swivel Lumbar Support Executive Office Chair (Red)

Homall Ergonomic Series Executive Computer Chair (Racing Style)

This is a strong yet comfortable chair that is ideal for both office and home use. But sometimes we all need something out of the ordinary. This is where Homall Racing Ergonomic chair comes in.

This chair is designed to be used both as a gaming chair and an office chair. It features padded armrests and a swivel that rotates at 360 degrees to ease facilitates movement in all direction.

The chair itself is strong enough to handle different weights of up to 210lbs.  The Homall Racing chair meets all the requirements for users and will look great with your desk.

Option for people who like computer chairs with gaming / racing style. Homall chair is also good-looking and quite cheap.

If you are a gamer, you willed definitely love this chair because it comes with a bucket seat that lets you seat for as long as you wish and it is also covered in a great leather in a choice back, black and blue or black and red.

While some manufacturers can go too far when it comes to shapes and sizes of their gaming chairs, this one looks compact and sleek and can fit in any office space without  dominating your room.

The ergonomics used in this chair makes it easy for the user to sit for long hours without feeling uncomfortable or any pain.

PS. Take a look on the other similar chairs. My big comparison of best gaming chairs is here.

➞ You can read more details about this chair here

5. BTEXPERT Executive Racing Office Chair

BTEXPERT Executive PU Leather High Back Swivel Racing Office Chair

BTEXPERT Executive Racing Office Chair (High Back)

The Office Chair Thick Padded Gaming Racing Chair looks amazing, it has simple looks that will attract any gamer out there. It has a bright and attractive appearance that will catch the eye of a potential buyer.

The black and red color lining on this gaming chair gives it a mellow feel. In addition, the head rest of the chair is high enough so that taller gamers can easily play without feeling uncomfortable.

I really like chairs with pillows. This one have pillow for neck which is good for people who forget about proper ergonomic of work and their posture is poor. You can lean neck on the pillow and work is much more comfortable.

The upholstery on this chair feels incredible. The Office Chair Thick Padded Gaming Racing Chair also comes with well-built arm rests, these arm rests are padded to give the user a comfortable experience while using the chair.

The chair also features a rotating swivel. This swivel enables the user to move from one position to another smoothly. The reclining angle goes as far as 145 degrees thus giving the user a better posture while working.

Moreover, the chair is made of mesh fabric and PU leather material to make sure that you always feel comfortable and safe. It’s also going to look amazing with every gaming desk.

Finally, the chair can easily be assembled once it has arrived in your office, you really don’t need an expert to fix it for you.

➞ You can read more details about this chair here

6. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller

Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron Chair is the godfather of all the ergonomic chairs. Although many people have said that the chair has an alien look, it still has a lot to offer and there is a lot to love in this piece of art.

To say the least, the chair is unique and feels comfortable just by looking at it. This chair is made of fabric mesh and breathable mesh that gives allows air to pass in and out of the chair so as to get rid of moisture and hot temperature.

If you are serious with your work and really want the best computer chair THIS IS THE ONE. You can choose proper size for your body (Herman has 3 options). Just check reviews of people on Amazon – it’s the most meaningful. Over 350 positive reviews, wow!

The chair also features a woven suspension membrane to give you more comfort and support. The most interesting thing about this computer chair is that it distributes weight evenly, and thus reducing pressure points as well as heat buildup.

It also comes with a PostureFit that gives you support wherever you need it the most while sitting. The heavy duty base is made of very high quality material to give you the stability you need.

In addition, the unit features a swivel that lets you move from one place to another without any hassle. Furthermore, the padded armrests are made in such a way you can remove them whenever you don’t need their services. It’s one of most expensive chair which I’ve seen but it’s quality is absolutely top.


I have shared with you some of the most reliable and durable (in my opinion) computer office seats on sale.  What you will love about these comfortable computer chairs is that each of them has something unique. So, with this guide, you can choose the most comfortable chair for you! I hope it will help you make this hard decision! 🙂

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