Ranking of Best Office Chairs Under $100! Which One Is The Best?

My ranking of best office chairs under $100 which are ergonomic and tested by many customers.

If you are looking for best office chair under $100 I can bet that you want just 2 things: comfort and durability. Am I right?

Of course ergonomic shape, support for lumbar and neck are also important things, even in the most budget office chair.

This is exactly what you can expect in my ranking of best budget office chairs under $100: tested by many customers, comfy & great office chairs in low price.

NameEditorial RatingPriceWhy?

High-Back Executive Chair
★★★★★$$$$Best-selling cheap executive chair with many good reviews
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Chair
Flash Furniture
Mid-Back Chair
★★★★$$$$One of best-selling cheap chairs
Alera Mid-Back Office Chair Desk
Alera Mesh Mid-Back
★★★★$$$$$ Good, standard office chair with mesh mid-back
Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair Executive
BestOffice PU Leather
Ergonomic Chair
★★★☆☆$$$For people who like executive style of chairs
Furmax Office Chair
Furmax Office Chair
★★★★$$$Classy design, many colors to choose
BestOffice High Back Leather Ergonomic Chair is cheap comfortable office chair.
BestOffice PU Leather
Chair (Updated)
★★★★$$$$ Updated, better-looking version of 4rd chair (BestOffice)
LCH High Back Ergonomic Office Chair
LCH High Back Mesh
Office Chair
★★★★$$$$$Good office chair for long sitting
Let's find comfortably and really good ergonomic chair for pocket-friendly price

So you want THAT comfort? Let’s see what we can do!

Having good office chair is crucial to avoid back and neck pains. And that is the reason I made this comparison of best cheap desk chairs.

I mentioned it a few times on my blog but I’ll remind: ergonomics is basically the art of designing tools machines as well as work environments so as to accommodate human behavior and performance. This art also improves safety and efficiency of a person working with a machine or device.

Although many chairs are now ergonomic, you need to take in consideration the other additional feature which makes a particular chair different and unique.

If you are looking for best office chair under $100 you are in the right place. In my ranking you will find the best budget chairs for your office.

Best Office Chairs Under $100 with Ergonomic Design – Top Picks

In this article, I am going to show you best inexpensive office chairs. I am going to start with the BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather Computer Chair – it is an ergonomic chair, but with a lot of features and its price is also pocket-friendly.

Here’s the list of best office chairs under $100:

1. BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather Executive Computer Budget Office Chair

This particular ergonomic features a high back that gives it an executive look. The lumbar support is what makes this chair unique and sophisticated. But that’s not all, this budget office chair comes with very soft polyurethane leather upholstery with sufficient padding which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Ergonomic leather office executive chair is perfect example of cheap desk chairamazon buttonThe leather material that this chair is made of, has a long lasting shine. It makes the chair always look like new. It means that will never need to waste money on another chair because of the look. But is it breathable? I’m not really sure (but check new version of this chair below).

Nice look, low price but I’d give some more $$ and buy something a little bit more expensive and better (like below chairs)

The chair is also water and oil resistant, so you don’t need to worry when water or juice spills on your chair, you will only use a clean cloth to wipe it. In addition you can adjust the height of the seat from 19 to 23 inches. The seat uses hydraulics, a feature that makes the adjusting process smooth, effortless and fast.

The back cushion is not only soft, but also firm so as to make sure you maintain the right posture and not be stiff.

However, the chair does not feature a tilt control and thus it is a bit difficult to lean. Although the black armrest is not adjustable it is padded well and it is very comfortable since it is positioned at the right angle.

The base frame is made from a black heavy duty metal, featuring five dual wheeled casters that are highly mobile even if you move it smoothly on the floor but also on the carpet.

The swivel can rotate 360 degrees; making it easy to move around from one spot to another while you are working.

The base is also stable and sturdy to accommodate up to 250lbs of weight. It’s the cheapest option for people who don’t want to spend to much money. Perfect example of one of the best budget office chair desk under 100 dollars.

➞ You can read more details about this chair here

Pros & Cons

  • Low price
  • Very popular chair tested by many customers
  • No tilt control
  • Option for people who don’t want to spend to much money
  • Leather could be better

2. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Top-Rated Office Chair with Leather Padded Seat and Flip-Up Arms

This ergonomic office chair is the best choice for an upscale office. It’s mesh upholstered seat has a mid-backed design. This feature gives your support up to the upper back region. It looks stylish while at the same time giving the user a comfortable solution to sitting. This chair is perfect for those who do a great job of typing the all day long and require good lower back support.

Chair from FlashFurniture is one of the best low-cost ergonomic office chair

amazon button

Black mesh is flexible and breathable and the back rest of the chair is supported by lumbar. You will get maximum use for the incredible chair.

The seat are padded nicely and feature a waterfall design that encourages smooth flow of blood, it is also made with upholstered foam which is fire repellent. These features makes this chair safe and one of the most comfortable computer chair.

Nice mesh material, good ergonomic shape and it’s under $100. When I was checking offer on Amazon it was over 20% off but I’m not sure it’s still in promo price (here you can check it). PS. This chair has also version with neck support which I REALLY recommend. Just few bucks more but your neck will thank you for that!

The integrated tilt lock and the tension adjustment system let you customize the chair’s tilt as well as flexibility to suit your individual preference. In addition, the pneumatic height adjustment knob allows you to adjust the height of the seat from 17 to 22 inches to find the best fit.

>> You have bigger budget? Check my ranking of the best office chairs under $300.

The arm rest has a flip up mechanism which makes it more comfortable. They are always available whenever you need them. The arm rest can also fold up and put them aside whenever you don’t want their services.

That’s not all there are other amazing features of this ergonomic chair, it features a gray nylon base as well as two wheel casters that let you roll easily and smoothly on the floor.

Furthermore, the chair has the swivel feature which allows you to turn smooth to reach various spots in your workstation. You can rotate up to 360 degrees to get the optimum use of your office without strain. Btw. I see that price of this chair is now lower than last time when I bought it!

This Flash Furniture product is available in a few options:
– With black mesh seat
– With black leather seat
– Black mesh with head support (!)

It’s also probably one of the most popular affordable office chair on the market. Literally over 1000 reviews on Amazon, unbelievable! Also the chair has 2 year warranty.

Here’s also my review of another chair from this brand – Flash Furniture High-Back Leather Executive Chair. It’s chair under $100 too but look is a little bit different than other chairs from this ranking. Maybe you’ll be interested.

➞  You can read more details about Flash Furniture Mid-Back chair here

Pros & Cons

  • Good reviews ona Amazon
  • A few versions to choose
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Flip-up arms
  • If arms would be adjustable this chair would be perfect choice but unfortunately they aren’t

3. AmazonBasics High-Back Finest Executive Desk Office Chair

AmazonBasics high back ergonomic chair is another example of very good inexpensive office chair. It is comfortable, extremely solid and a high quality chair which is nicely padded and gives you comfort whenever you seat on it.

Good inexpensive office chair: High Back Executive Chair.

amazon button

Just like its name, this ergonomic chair is truly executive high end furniture, and this is clearly seen in the features it comes with.

The main key to its design is actually the supportive and curved seat back. Unlike other chairs of the same caliber, this one is easy to slouch. In addition the chair itself is made from high quality material that nicely covers the curved frame.

This is chair a little bit over $100 (but brown version is cheaper). Just see rating on Amazon what people say about this chair. It’s #1 best seller.

It is very soft and doesn’t cause any pressure points, but it is also firm enough to give you ample lumbar support.

Furthermore the high back ergonomic chair is adjustable in both tilt and height, which lets you dial for the correct ergonomics for the height. Instead of a tilt lock, this ergonomic seat opts for a tilt tension adjustment.

In precision, the tilt lock lets you specify the angle you want; while a tilt tension adjustment only allows you to adjust the spring tension that is applied once you recline in the chair. The tilt tension adjustment in this chair does its work quite fine. AmazonBasics Chair has 1 year limited warranty.

PS. AmazonBasics designed also smaller and even cheaper chair – AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair – to check review click here.

The AmazonBasics is lighter than most ergonomic chairs on the market. It only weighs 35.3 pounds. It can accommodate up to 250lbs maximum user weight, and thus you don’t need to worry whether it will be able to support your weight or not. The chair measurements are 30.7 x 27.56 x (41.34 to 45.08) inches. It also features a pneumatic control handle that helps you raise or lower your seat. If you want to check more best executive chairs take a look on my another article.

If you want to read more about this chair here’s my full AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair review.

➞  Check the price of the chair here

Pros & Cons

  • Solid construction
  • Fast delivery
  • It’s bestseller purchased by thousands of people
  • Free shipping when you order on Amazon
  • If you live in hot place leather could not be the best choice

4. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Back Swivel, Black, White Tilt Office Chair

This ergonomic designed piece of art is made to fit different users. It comes with a reliable breathable mesh back rest. The Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel- Black/White Tilt Chair features a contour seat cushion that feature a waterfall edge that helps you relieve pressure on your legs.

Alera mesh mid-back chair for desk is good low-cost chair below 100 dollars. But should you buy it? Let's find out.

amazon buttonThe height and width arms are adjustable to meet the user’s preference. The arms are also made of soft polyurethane pads.

Very good chair. Maybe even the best from ranking but price (click here to check) is over our $100 budget. But at least you have free shipping on Amazon.

In addition the ergonomic chair comes with a 5 star casters that makes it easy for you to move from one place to another in your office. There is also the height adjustable ratchet back which gives you maximum lumbar support.

The frame is also made from stainless steel, which not only makes the seat light but also sturdy and long lasting. The frame is also made with nylon and polypropylene.

The chair is 42.875 inch long, 25 inch wide and a breadth of 20 inches. The width of the seat is approximately 20 inch.

The whole unit weights around 47 pounds. This makes it one of the lightest ergonomic chairs on the market. It also can carry up to 250lbs of user weight. My personal favourite as Alera products are always top class.

To read more about this chair check my full Alera Elusion review.

➞  Check what people say about this chair on Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Mesh, breathable material
  • Ergonomic shape
  • A little bit over the budget

5. Furmax Office Chair PU Leather & High Back Ergonomic Racing Computer Chair

Furmax Office Chair with PU Leather is awesome example of inexepensive chair for every office and gamers roomamazon button

If you are looking for best computer chair for long hours you’ll probably like Furmax Office Chair.

This low-cost office chair is at the same time gaming chair. Why? Because of two things. At first its design is more fancy and suit very good for every gamer’s room. Secondly according to many customers who purchased this chair before (over 300 buyers) it is very quality and budget ergonomic chair for long gaming sessions.

How about features of this cheap gaming chair from Furmax? It looks very promising to being honest. It has high back and ergonomic shape. I read some review of this chair where guy said that thanks to the shape he could spend more hours on the chair without lumbar pain than of his previous old chair.

The only one chair in the comparison with gaming/racing look. But thanks to many colors to choose, it will look great also in every office, not only in gamer’s room. 6 colors available & pillows in more expensive versions. But even without pillows this chair protect your lumbar spine (because of special ergonomic shape) and you’d work longer and without pain.

Armrest are not adjustable and we can’t flip it up or down but fortunately they are padded with soft material covered by leather.

We can suit heigh of the chair thanks to pneumatic adjustment. Range of the adjustment is 15.75″-19.69″. Maximum weight capacity is 280 lbs so it’s more than many chairs have.

Details of Furmax Chair - Its one of the best low-price office chairs with lumbar support.

Cool thing in this good cheap office chair is fact that you can choose design among 6 different designs! And 5 of them are under $100. We have to choose black, blue, green and a few more colors.

One thing I miss in the basic model of the Furmax chair is no pillows for neck lumbar. Furmax declare that shape of the chair is ergonomic and even without pillow you should have proper lumbar support but still pillows are good addition. You can get them in a little bit more expensive version here.

Pros & Cons

  • Great design
  • A lot of colors to choose
  • Easy to clean and wear-resisting
  • More expensive options have pillows for lumbar and neck protection
  • If you prefer more regular design you may not like this chair

6. BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair (Newer Model)

BestOffice High Back Leather Ergonomic Chair is cheap comfortable office chair.amazon button

Very similar chair you can find on the beginning of my article. But still I think that I should include this one in the comparison.

BestOffice designed this cheap computer chair year after his previous model. And it become really popular one. It has every features like his older brother. But there are a few differences:

  • This model has 3 color versions: black, brown and white. Unlike the older BestOffice product which has only black and brown colors available.
  • Newer model is a little bit smaller. But just a little bit, 1-2 inches on seat, backrest etc (you can check exact details of the chair here).
  • If you will check reviews of both of these inexpensive desk chairs you can see that newer has many more purchases and better rating.
  • Overall look is better (for example armrests are silver, not black like in older model).
  • Leather seems to be more breathable so if you live in hot place it’s very important.
  • Seat of the chair looks thicker. I can’t find exact information from the manufacturer but even if you compare photos of these two low cost office chairs you will see the difference.
  • Yes, newer model is more expensive but still is good office chair under $100.

Black Version of BestOffice Desk Chair - Affordable leather office chair

Also great thing in this version of the BestOffice chair is fact that you can choose your size. If you are big guy you can buy bigger model. But unfortunately bigger size = bigger price.

Newer model of first BestOffice chair. This time manufacturer gave us thicker seat and better leather. For me, looks like good deal for this price.

As I mentioned before I don’t want to write again about swivel function, adjustable height and rotation because you probably already know this. If you missed, just scroll up to my first review of BestOffice chair.

Pros & Cons

  • Revised model of old BestOffice chair
  • A few colors to choose
  • Better leather
  • Better look than previous version
  • Chair has perfect height for everyone
  • If you want bigger size of the chair you have to pay more

7. LCH High Back Mesh Office Chair

LCH high back mesh is a great cheap comfortable office chair with very good reviews.

Another great example of inexpensive desk chair is LCH High Back Mesh Office Chair from HLC brand. This is the only high back ergonomic computer chair in our ranking with back mesh so if you want both of these things you should like this model.

Shape of the chair is designed to provide exceptional lumbar support and thanks to mesh material it prevent body overheating and ensure better ventilation.

The LCH chair has pneumatic control which allows you to raise or lower your seat. You can also rock back your chair which is good thing when you want to relax a little bit during busy day.

Esthetic design and ergonomic shape of this chair makes him one of the best low-cost office chair. According to many customers on Amazon it’s very good chair for long hours of sitting.

Base of the chair is really solid and sturdy. It also has 360 degree swivel and nylon smooth-rolling casters. All of these things ensure very good mobility and stability. Weight capacity of the chair is 250 pounds.

What I like the most in this chair is fact that it combines ergonomic shape with elegant design (combination of mesh and PU leather). It will looks great in your office and also provides you proper shape of body during the long hours of work.

My review of LCH high back ergonomic office chair

Thing which I miss in this chair is adjustable or at least flip-up/down armrests.

Price is changing all the time but usually it’s something about $100. Sometimes a little bit less, sometimes a little bit more. If you prefer something even cheaper, you will definitely find it below.

Summarize: it’s very good and comfy office chair with neck support, good ergonomic shape and elegant design. It also has very good reviews on Amazon. People love quality, cheap price and how comfortable this chair is. When I was checking it has over 4.5 stars! Very good result. I’m not sure how it looks like no but I’m pretty sure it’s still very good (click here to check current rating).

Pros & Cons

  • High back = better neck support
  • Solid construction
  • Combination of leather and mesh allow your skin breath and at the same time it looks great
  • Shame that armrests are not adjustable

My conclusions

That’s it, it was my personal ranking of best office ergonomic chairs that are currently on the market.

These office chairs come with amazing features such as pneumatic adjustment, flip up arms, lumbar support features as well as tilt lock mechanism. I also tested some of them and I can guarantee that you will be happy with these one’s.

I hope this art also improved safety and efficiency of a person working with a machine or device.

The manufacturers of these chairs had the health of their customers in mind. Because these chairs are ideal for those who have back issues and those who cannot seat for long hours can now seat throughout the day without strain. If you would like to see more expensive but still quite cheap chairs check my ranking of best office chairs under $200.

Furthermore, the chairs are light and easy to use; they also come at a pocket friendly price and in my opinion have everything which need best office chair under $100 in 2018!

Every of reviewed chairs has advantages and disadvantages so decision is up to you. Hope my article will help you decide! 🙂

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