Looking for Best Office Chairs Under $300? Check my ranking of the greatest ergonomic desk chairs on the market under 300 dollars!

So you are here because you are looking for the best office chair under $300? I can bet that you heard about Herman Miller – the godfather of all ergonomic office chairs – and you want something similar? Something also good but cheaper?

I’m sure that you are in the right place and my ranking of top office chairs under 300 dollars will help you with buying the best one. In my comparison you will find chairs with features like adjustable arm rests, back and good ergonomic shape.

NameCustomers SatisfactionPriceWhy?
TomCare Ergonomic Office Chair with Mesh Back And Rotation Headrest
TomCare Ergonomic Office Chair
 ★★ $$$$$ My top choice – great ergonomic office chair and solid construction.
Office Factor Executive Managers High Back Black Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Height and Lumbar Support
Office Factor Executive Managers
Office Chair
 ★★ $$$$$Maximum value for the money
Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall
Flash Furniture HERCULES
 ★★ $$$$$ Best executive style office chair under $300

Eurotech Seating Apollo
Office Chair
 ★★☆☆ $$$$$Budget option

Best Office Chairs Under $300 – Quality & Ergonomic

Below you can find the list with best office chairs under $300:

1. TomCare Ergonomic Office Chair with Mesh Back And Rotation Headrest

TomCare Ergonomic Office Chair with Mesh Back And Rotation Headrest is great example of chair under 300 dollars

TomCare Office Chair is first in my ranking and it’s my top choice from all office chair under $300. Why?

This model is Standard Edition of TomCare office chair and it is weighing 45 lb. It is made of nylon and aluminum. It has 19 inches wide and 18 to 20 inches high. The pillow size is W11 inches.

The armrest height is 7 to 9 inches and the chair has 5 easily rotatable and revolving wheels. This model is very easy to assemble as it comes with clear instructions and minimal assembling material for customer comfort.

It holds up to 265 lb of customer weight. Most of the times, this is the choice that people who are a part of offices go for owing to its sturdy looks and long lasting features.

The chair has some remarkable features which make it so popular among customers. It’s very much customizable as its backrest, headrest, armrest, and height, all are adjustable.

It is easily maneuverable due to the five good wheels and best for workers who tend to move a little within cabins without having to get up from their seats.

The material used in the making is very strong and is of high density that prevents users from toppling off the chair as it keeps the chair is a static position unless user desires to move it themselves.

The gas spring is nothing to worry about as it passes all tests for approval inclusive BIFMA test and SGS Test. This means that this product is quite a dependable one and you can rely on it for your ease and comfort.

Quick summary about the chair:

The material and fabric that is used makes the chair very durable and stable and drive away the heat to keep working environment cool and calm for user relief.

Its compact design is perfect for modern offices and can be used even at homes and small cabins as it occupies minimal space. It also has great features like adjustable arm rests, backrest and many more.

What other people think:

The customer reviews were pretty much satisfying when I was reviewing this chair as more than 85 percent of the reviews on Amazon were positive. It had an overall rating around 4 stars at that time.

People love how easy it is to assemble and the easily adjustable features for individual needs, its extreme comfort, and good quality is what makes the chair customer’s favorite. Very few suggest that the chair is suitable for people 5’7 or taller.

However, the sturdiness is what most of the customers praise and this is also the main reason why they choose this over other options available to them.

  • Has an adjustable height and armrest to accommodate users with desks of a wider variety
  • The rotatable headrest helps remove chances of neck pain for users
  • The backrest is adjustable to give a better back support, easy reclining and prevents users from having backaches so they may work for a longer period of time without discomfort or embarrassment
  • Has a tilt mechanism that can even be locked for those who wish to sit upright
  • Easy assembly and usage makes it user-friendly and popular for a wider range of users
  • Because of the lower back protrusion the seat area is a bit smaller and givens lesser leg support
  • Armrest tilt is not lockable, causing them to slide around as you adjust the backrest
  • Suitable for taller people only; people who are less than 5’7 will find the adjustable headrest feature useless

2. Office Factor Executive Managers High Back Black Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Height and Lumbar Support

Office Factor Executive Managers High Back Black Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Height and Lumbar Support - Below $300amazon button

Office Factor chair possesses a capacity of weight 250 lbs. The material used for the chair is synthetic mesh fabric and polyurethane foam. It has 5 easily rotatable wheels for efficient maneuvering.

Some notable features of this chair which make it catchy and appealing shall be discussed. The chair’s adjustable features are a major reason of comfort of users.

Office Factor Top Office Chair Under 300

The headrest is adjustable. The backrest does not simply come with a reclining tilting feature but also has a lumbar support which can be adjusted both vertically and in and out as per individual needs.

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The seat has a wider area and has a slider. It also offers a knee tilting feature, which users may lock or unlock upon their will. The armrests can also be adjusted up and down, and in and out.

sizes of office factor chair

The chair has a compact and modern design and hence it can be used in modern offices, smaller cabins, and even homes. Having it in your office will surely change the entire look of it and will give it a chic appearance. It is suitable for both solid floors and carpets. People with height 5’7 and above can have the best utility of the chair.

Quick summary about the chair:

Once you pay for this product, you won’t have to pay for new ones as this will give you the maximum value to the money you have paid for it. It is one of the best office chairs under 300 dollars.

Knee tilt and locking mechanism offers easy reclining and adjusting of the chair and gives better leg support giving users greater comfort in numerous positions.

Wider seat area adjustable seat depth for easy sitting of users without sliding off the chair.

What other people think:

Customers have rated this model over 4 stars of 5 stars. Majority of the people’s reviews show how beneficial the chair is for a wide range of users and locations.

Its adjustable headrest, armrest, knew tilt, lumbar support and efficient movement of floor and carpets are loved by people. However, some customers 5’5 and shorter complain about their feet not able to touch the ground even on lowest settings.

The easy and fast assembly also makes customers really happy. Not only this but it has a strong built that makes it possible for you to stay away from further purchases for a very long period of time.

  • Very easy and quick assembly with given instructions and minimum effort
  • With a compact design and good five wheels, the chair is appropriate for any location and both floor and carpet
  • The headrest is adjustable and removable
  • The backrest is adjustable and also offers an adjustable lumbar support in all directions
  • Armrests can also be adjusted and locked to prevent discomfort when users adjust backrest
  • The cost of is much higher than other models available in the market
  • It is suitable for tall people mostly as people 5’5 and shorter may not be able to touch the feet on ground even on lowest settings

3. Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tallamazon button

Flash Furniture Hercules Executive style office chair is a 65.5 lb weighing chair that has a capacity of adjusting larger and taller body types of as much as 500 lb of weight.

It has a height of 47 inches, its width is 27.5 inches and the length is 32 inches once the chair has been assembled. The chair has immense thick padding for softness and comfort.

The chair’s back is higher for extended back support. One of the major reasons why people in the offices prefer this chair is its ability to keep the employees relaxed at all times.

This model is a bit on the flexible side and this means you can stretch a bit whenever you feel tired or exhausted.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Office Chair for 300

The seats are padded and because of this feature, it is one of the most sought-after products for the companies and offices. However, along with the advantages, these chairs come with some disadvantages as well. Both of them are explained below.

Quick summary about the chair:

It is one of the best ergonomic office chair under $300 in executive style. This model comes with a swivel and with the help of it; you can rotate the chair in any direction that you want.

This makes it a worth having a chair in an office as you can move from one place to another and also move forward to pick an item placed at a long distance.

What other people think:

When I was writing this review the chairs had approximately 50 reviews with a rating over 4 and was declared as Amazon’s choice.

People working in an office have different heights. One chair cannot be comfortable for all of them. This model, however, comes with a plethora of options when it comes to talking about the height. A person with any height can get his hands on this chair and spend his time in his office comfortably.

A major advantage of having this chair is its low cost! Compared to the majority of other options that you have, this chair doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. With a nominal price range, this is quite an affordable option for everyone!

  • The biggest advantage of this sort of chair is that this is top office chair under 300 that you can get for a high comfort level. This intensity of the comfort is well suited for the people who have to stay at the office for really long hours.
  • Durability is also a reason why you might want to go for it. The surface is made up of leather combined with polyurethane which increases its comfort level to a great level.
  • This chair is quite a durable one. This is also a reason why it gives you the maximum value for the money that you spend on it. Buying it once will keep your life sorted as it will stay with you for a very long period of time.
  • For the employed that have back issues, recline makes it possible for them to linger on it and relax for a bit. The recliners come in a great variety and you can choose the one that suits your budget.
  • The design might be something you would not be comfortable with. If you want to lean forward and get something, it might feel like you are about to slip and fall.
  • The seat has a padding which might be a little too thick for your comfort at times. It might have been done for a higher level of comfort for the customers, sometimes it just doesn’t work for them at all.
  • The installed arms have some holes which might be a bit off-putting if you are an aesthetically concerned person. The design might end up being a bit old-fashioned in looks for you.

4. Eurotech Seating Apollo Office Chair DFT9800 Drafting Stool

If budget is something that you are concerned with the most, this is the chair that you need to opt for. It comes with a number of features that are quite desirable for the people who have to spend most of the time in a day sitting.

Adjusting the seat won’t be a problem as it comes with an auto adjustable option. You can alter it just according to your height, weight, and mass.

Apollo Chair Under 300 Photo

The weight of is not something you won’t be uncomfortable with as it is just 50lbs. with the dimensions of 24 x 25 x 56 inches, this model is quite a sorted one especially for those who want an affordable yet, a very comfortable computer chair for their office.

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It is considered as one of the best sellers amongst the customers. The shipping is free and it comes with a total weight of 54 pounds which makes it somewhat portable.

Even though it is low in price, the fabric used in its making is of a good quality. No matter for how long do you use it, it won’t affect your posture in a negative manner.

Apollo Office Chair Draftin Stool

As long as the dimensions and the height of the person sitting on it are concerned, the 36 inches of the high point and 26 of the low one is quite a comfortable dimension for everyone.

For people having a height ranging from 5 feet to 6 and above, this is an ideal chair to have on a low budget.  The arms have a width which is adjustable and you can adjust them just according to your convenience.

Quick summary about the chair:

The sturdiness of this model is something that most of the people are concerned with; it is not an issue at all. The solid built definitely makes it a long-lasting product that stays with you for a very long period of time. The fact that it comes in an assembled form further makes it an effortless product for the customers to have.

Customers with backache gave this product a nod as it is the right option to opt for if sitting straight in a chair for long hours is an issue for you. Stretching on this model when you get exhausted is easy as it is built to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

At times, the chair needs to be assembled by the customers themselves as they do not get an assembled product.

If you do not set it right, there is a possibility that the circular bar will fall down after some period of time while you are sitting on it. To avoid this, make sure you set the bar in the right way before sitting on it.

What other people think:

When I was checking in last week it had more than 4 stars rating but I’m not sure how it’s now.  Being a model that comes at a low cost, this is quite a sought after chair amongst the customers.

Some customers came up with a view that they do not get the chair assembled and have to do the task themselves. Even in this condition, assembling the chair is not a difficult task to do. All you need to do is to read the instructions carefully and follow them religiously.

Most of the customers said it took them merely fifteen minutes to get done with this task which was absolutely trouble free. If you assemble the chair in the right manner, you won’t have to worry about its rim falling off repeatedly.

  • The height is what most of the people like about it. The dimensions of the chair make it a comfortable choice for the short as well as tall people.
  • Raising and lowering is not an issue. All you need to do is to stretch the handle below the base of your chair and it will itself move up or down. You would just have to exert a bit of your force in the required direction.
  • After working while sitting on the chair for several hours, you might feel tired. It comes with an option of stretching to your maximum level and it won’t affect the chair at all. This is owing to the strong built that it comes with.
  • PRICE is the biggest advantage. All the other options available in the market are quite on the expensive side. This is one of the best office chairs under $200 which is quite affordable. The shipping till your home would be absolutely free of cost.
  • The back support is terrific. If you are dealing with backache, choosing this product with sort out your issue to a great deal.
  • This model might not go for very low tables. If you work on a laptop, you are good to go with this model. However, a very low base table might not support you on this chair.
  • If you are used to resting your foot on the outer base of the chair, you might get a bit disappointed as doing this constantly might slide it down a bit and you would have to adjust it time and again.

Final Words

Buying chairs for your office is surely a massive decision to take as you would want to spend your money in the right direction. However, with so many options available, taking this decision is no longer complicated. I hope my ranking of the best office chairs under $300 helped you with making good decision.

Keep in mind your requirements for the chair that you want and think of the pros and cons that each of these chairs comes with. This will surely help you in taking the right decision!

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