What is the best Vertagear chair? Comparison of Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000, SL5000, PL6000

I can bet that you don’t want to buy unsuitable gaming chair. But unfortunately it’s common thing.

People don’t do enough research and they complain later.

Vertagear brand designed two series: Racing and Gaming. In Racing collection we can choose from Vertagear SL2000, SL4000, SL5000, PL6000.

But which one is the best? Which one is right for your body type?

In this article I compare all Vertagear chairs from Racing Series. You can read about the differences between chairs and check which one will be the best for you, based on your body type (posture, height and weight).

Comparison Table – Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000 vs PL6000

SL2000Vertagear SL2000 Photo
vertagear sl4000 photo
vertagear sl5000 photo
Vertagear PL6000 Photo
Body type Vertagear SL2000 wider upper-body

Fit body

Vertagear sl4000 for small person

Small person

vertagear sl5000 for tall people

Tall person

vertagear pl6000 for big people

Tall & big person

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Up to 6’2″
(187 cm)
Up to 5’11”
(180 cm)
Up to 6’3″
(190 cm)
Up to 6’11”
(210 cm)
Max loadUp to 330 lbs
(150 kg)
Up to 330 lbs
(150 kg)
Up to 330 lbs
(150 kg)
Up to 440 lbs
(200 kg)
Backrest width
21.3 in
(540 mm)
20.7 in
(525 mm)
19.3 in
(490 mm)
20 in
(510 mm)
Backrest width
19 in
(480 mm)
20.5 in
(520 mm)
20.5 in
(520 mm)
20.5 in
(520 mm)
Seat width20.9 in
(530 mm)
20.5 in
(520 mm)
22.6 in
(575 mm)
21.7 in
(550 mm)
Seat depth17.75 in
(450 mm)
17.5 in
(445 mm)
19 in
(480 mm)
19 in
(480 mm)
Overall height
incl base
49.2-53.2 in
(1250-1350 mm)
47.25-51.27 in
(1200-1300 mm)
48.6-52.6 in
(1235-1335 mm)
50.6-54.6 in
(1285-1385 mm)
ArmrestsAdjustable4D Adjustable4D Adjustable4D Adjustable
Up to 140
Up to 140
Up to 140
Up to 140
75mm/3” Caster
MaterialPCV leatherPCV leatherPCV leatherPCV leather
Neck and lumbar
Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓

What All Vertagear Models Have In Common? 4 Main Features

Every Vertagear chair is different and designed for person with different body type. But of course they have few things in common, therefore there are few features that are the same in Vertagear SL2000, SL4000, SL5000 and PL6000.

Elegant Design, Quality Material & Comfort Padding

Quality Padding is one of the most important feature of Vertagear chairs

A lot of customers think that Vertagear chairs have even better quality of padding than DXRacer.

The design of Vertagear chairs is minimalistic and very elegant. They look like racing chairs but they are classier and more aesthetic than for example DXRacer chairs (but it’s just my opinion).

Vertagear chairs are made of high-quality PCV leather which is breathable. Open-cell structure of the material prevents it from overheating (it works great in the summer).

Padding is a big advantage of Vertagear chairs. People like it a lot but some of them think that it’s a little bit stiff and because of that it’s not as comfortable as it could be. But basically most of them like the comfort of the chair and high density padding.

Solid Reinforced 5-star Base (After Revision)

recall Reinforced 5-star Base

At the beginning Vertagear were using in their chairs 1-star base which was causing problems like breaking and snapping. But with new, reinforced 5-star base these problems are gone.

At the beginning Vertagear were using in their chairs 1 and 2-star bases. This caused a lot of problems with snapping and breaking. People on the Internet complained a lot about it. But fortunately they changed it for a new, revised version. Now Vertagear chairs use reinforced 5-star base which has no issues. It was a smart move. So if you see customer reviews about crappy and breaking base remember that most likely they’re talking about first version of these chairs. The new ones are fine and really solid.

Steel Frame And High Density Resilience Foam

Vertagear Steel Frame And High Density Resilience Foam

For long gaming sessions you need good, quality and high density foam – like the one used in Vertagear chairs.

Vertagear chairs are constructed with top durability steel frame. The manufacturer also cares about players’ comfort and that’s why they use high density resilience foam in their chairs. It gives maximum comfort during long gaming sessions.

Adjustable Back, Seat & Tilt Tension (Absolute Must-Have For Every Good Chair)

Vertagear Features

Adjustable backrest (80 to 140 degrees), 360 degrees swivel, tilt tension and height adjustment are rather standard features in all modern gaming chairs.

Yeah, it’s standard in modern, ergonomic office (and racing) chairs but to be clear I had to mention it. All Vertagear chairs have adjustable backrest (from 80 to 140 degrees). You can adjust the tilt tension (the mechanism is different in Vertagear PL-6000 and other models but more about this later). Also each Vertagear chair has adjustable chair height which is standard feature nowadays.

2 Cushions – For Lumbar & Neck Support

Vertagear cushions

Vertagear offers 2 cushions to support your neck and lumbar area. Also quite standard feature in gaming chairs.

Gaming chairs are known for pillows. Both DXRacer and AKRacing have cushions for supporting your lumbar spine and neck and Vertagear is no exception. The pillows  are often not shown in the official photos but you can be sure that they are included.

Here’s the list with comparison of the best Vertagear chairs:

1. Vertagear S-Line SL2000 Rev 2 – Best Choice For People With Wider Upper Body

For whom is Vertagear SL2000?

Vertagear SL2000 wider upper-body

Vertagear SL2000 is a chair for people with wider upper body and up to 6’2″ (187 cm) tall.

As you may have already noticed in the table at the beginning of the article Vertagear SL2000 has much wider backrest in shoulder part than in lumbar area.

That’s why this chair is going to be the best option for people who are fit and have mesomorph body type. If you like gym and you have big arms and shoulders plus your midsection is quite narrow Vertagear SL200 is for you.

Differences Between Vertagear SL2000 and SL4000, SL500, PL6000

  1. Vertagear SL2000 has one big advantage over Vertagear SL4000, SL5000 and PL6000 – there’s multitude of colors to choose from. On the official website there’s information that this chair is available in 14 different colors. You can find most of them on Amazon on this website. But you need to know that very often some colors are sold out. So the best way to check which colors are available now is to visit the link above. For example, Vertagear SL5000 has only 5 colors.
  2. Price is another pro of Vertagear SL2000. It’s cheaper gaming chair than every Vertagear model and its price is under $300. So if you have limited budget it may be important thing for you.
  3. There is always a reason why something has lower price. Compared to other models Vertagear SL2000 is the only one that doesn’t have 4D armrests. Of course arms are adjustable and you can move them up and down but they are not 4D so moving them forward and backward & left or right is not possible.
Vertagear SL2000 Photo

Vertagear SL2000 – The cheapest Vertagear chair.

What Other Customers Think About Vertagear SL2000?

If we compare rating of Vertagear S-Line SL2000 and 3 other models, it’s the second best-rated chair from Vertagear (right after SL5000). It’s also the 2nd most popular (after PL6000).
People like this chair and some of them think it’s even better than AKRacing or DXRacer. Most of the customers are average or tall people and this chair was perfect for them.

You can also find reviews about crappy, breaking base but remember that probably these reviews are about 1st version of the chair which is not available anymore. Current base is upgraded and much better.

Click here and read more reviews about Vertagear SL2000 on Amazon

  • Great for average person with wider upper body
  • The cheapest from all Vertagear chairs
  • Many colors to choose from
  • No 4D armrests

2. Vertagear S-Line SL4000 Rev 2 – Best Choice For Average & Smaller People (Up to 5’11” / 180 cm)

For whom is Vertagear SL4000?

Vertagear sl4000 for small person

Vertagear SL4000 is a chair for average & smaller body type (up to 5’11” / 180 cm).

Vertagear S-Line SL4000 is a gaming chair designed for shorter people. It’s the smallest chair from the brand and it’s going to be the best Vertagear chair for people with average body type and up to 5’11” (180 cm) tall.

Actually Vertagear SL5000 has even narrower backrest in shoulder section than SL4000 but in terms of size and height Vertagear SL4000 is the smallest chair (overall height including base is 47.25-51.27 in (1200-1300 mm).

Differences Between SL4000 and SL2000, SL5000 and PL6000

  1. As I mentioned above SL4000 is the smallest chair from all Vertagear chairs. Depth of this seat is also the smallest one (17.5 in / 445 mm) – a bit deeper is Vertagear SL2000 (17.75 in / 450 mm). So if you are about (or even over) 5’11” (180 cm) tall but you have wider hips maybe Vertagear SL2000 would be better for you.
  2. Vertagear SL4000 uses PENTA RS1 caster. It’s quality caster coated with PU for smooth and soft gliding on any surface. Vertagear SL2000 and SL5000 use the case caster. Only Vertagear PL6000 uses better wheels.
  3. In comparison to Vertagear SL2000, SL4000 has 4D adjustable arm rests.
  4. SL4000 is the only Vertagear chair that has a little bit different shape of the seat. When you look at the picture you can see that the middle part is bigger and not as flat as in other chairs. It could be problematic when you want to cross your legs (but remember that crossing legs is not really ergonomic and good position).
  5. It’s the second cheapest Vertagear chair.
vertagear sl4000 photo

Vertagear SL4000 is the smallest chair from all Vertagear chairs.

What Other Customers Think About Vertagear SL4000?

Vertagear SL4000 has better reviews than PL6000 but wore than SL2000 and SL5000. It’s also 3rd most popular chair from Vertagear. Why so low? Maybe because it has less colors to choose and it’s more expensive than SL2000. But I think there’s a different reason…

People over 5’11” (180 cm) have bought this chair and they are surprised that it’s too small for them. Damn! If you buy chair for people under 5’11” you can’t expect that it’s going to be good for a person 6’1” tall ! And the opposite – don’t buy big chair if you are a small person. If you are under 5’11” (180 cm) this chair is designed for people like you. Remember about such basic things when you want a proper chair for you.

People also complained that if you are wider person this chair could not be the best for you. If you have big legs the middle part of the seat could be not comfortable for you. Maybe that’s the reason why people prefer to pay more for SL5000 which has deeper and wider seat. But again, if you are quite short person (much below 5’11” / 180 cm) SL4000 seems to be the best option for you.

Customers really like sturdy construction and awesome design of this chair.

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  • The best Vertagear chair for people under 5’11” (180 cm)
  • It has 4D adjustable armrests
  • Great and quite unique shape and design of the chair
  • Second cheapest Vertagear chair
  • If you are bigger guy this chair will be too small for you
  • Middle part of the seat could be uncomfortable for people with big legs and when you want to cross your legs

3. Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Rev 2 – Best Choice For Tall People

For whom is Vertagear SL5000?

vertagear sl5000 for tall people

Vertagear SL5000 is a gaming chair for tall people (up to 6’3″ / 190 cm).

Vertagear SL5000 is designed for tall people (up to 6’3” / 190 cm). Seat is much bigger than in Vertagear SL2000 and SL4000 so if you have wide hips this could be the right chair for you. The overall size of the chair is a bit smaller than Vertagear SL2000 (it’s not a big difference, 0.19 inch = 5 mm) but it’s more solid and designed for heavier people. Even if you look at the picture you can say it looks sturdier.

Differences Between Vertagear SL5000 and SL2000, SL4000 and PL6000

  1. This is a great chair for tall guys but not huge ones. If you are really big and chubby person, over (or very close to) 6’7” (200 cm) or something like that check Vertagear PL6000.
  2. Vertagear SL5000 has 4D armrests like SL4000 and PL6000 (as I mentioned before, only Vertagear SL2000 doesn’t have them).
  3. It’s the second most expensive Vertagear chair (after PL6000).
  4. It has bigger seat than Vertagear SL2000 and SL4000 but smaller backrest in shoulder section. So it looks like it’s a chair designed for people who don’t visit the gym too much.
  5. It has the best rating from all Vertagear chairs!
  6. Only 5 colors to choose from.
vertagear sl5000 photo

Vertagear  SL5000 is best-rated from all Vertagear chairs.

What Other Customers Think About Vertagear SL5000?

I wrote above that Vertagear S-Line SL5000 is top rated chair among all Vertagear chairs. However, just like the other Vertagear chairs, SL5000 has still a bit low overall rating because of the base that was used in older versions of this chair. Current, reinforced 5-star base works like a charm.

People are also very satisfied with customer support. In one case Amazon seller forgot to send pillows for lumbar and neck but after complaint they helped very quickly.

A lot of streamers and gamers ordered this model because of minimalistic and classier design (in compare to DXRacer) and they are very happy with it. And smaller choice of colors didn’t change that.

Customers also appreciated firm pillows which helped a lot of them with back and lumbar pain. Most of them didn’t have problems with assembling.

As I wrote before, this is not a chair for chubby and very tall people – one guy did this mistake – he’s 6’3” / 190 cm tall and he bought this chair and it was too small and uncomfortable for him. If you are bigger keep reading – below you can find a chair exactly for you, Vertagear PL6000.

Check what is the price on Vertagear SL5000

  • Great chair for tall people
  • Top-rated Vertagear chair
  • 4D armrests
  • Deep and wide seat

4. Vertagear P-Line PL6000 Rev 2 – Best Choice For Tall & Big People

For whom is Vertagear PL6000?

vertagear pl6000 for big people

Vertagear PL6000 is chair for tall and chubby body type (up to 6’11” / 210 cm).

Vertagear P-Line PL6000 is a chair designed for people who need more space. This model is for taller and bigger people than other models which I described earlier are designed for (even Vertagear SL5000). P-Line means “Plus Line” and even this shows that Vertagear PL6000 is designed for different group of players.

This chair has also different and sturdier parts than other models but more about it below.

Differences Between Vertagear PL6000 and SL2000, SL4000 and SL5000

  1. Vertagear PL6000 is designed for really big guys. If you are 5’9″ – 6’11” (175 cm – 210 cm, information from official website) and you are also chubby person, this chair is just for you.
  2. Vertagear PL6000 is the most expensive model among all Vertagear chairs. The reason for higher price is the size of the chair. Overall size including the base is max 54.6 in (138.5 cm), the biggest from all Vertagear chairs. In the table at the beginning and on the brand’s official website we can find information that the seat is a bit smaller than in for example Vertagear SL5000 but leg guards and seat have different shape, that’s why we can’t focus only on the numbers.
  3. Vertagear PL6000 has the best features from all models. Of course it has 4D adjustable armrest but also better wheels. This model use PENTA RS1 75mm/3” casters. They are bigger than the ones used in Vertagear SL2000, SL4000, SL5000.
  4. 10 colors to choose from. Only Vertagear SL2000 offers more options.
  5. Tilt tension adjustment is located on the side of the chair and thanks to that it’s easier to reach than traditional adjusting knob.
Vertagear PL6000 Photo

Vertagear PL6000 is the most expensive Vertagear chair – but how about reviews of this chair?

What Other Customers Think About Vertagear PL6000?

I’m always honest in my reviews and this time is no exception. I don’t know why but Vertagear PL6000 doesn’t have very good reviews…

This model should be stronger than the rest and I’m not sure why but it seems that is not the case in all situations. A lot of people are happy with this chair. They love the quality and say that this chair is durable, sturdy and solid (in their case). But on the other hand when I was checking last time it has over 21% of 1-star review. People complained about breaking wheels, tilt and other parts. A few customers mentioned the base snapped off.

Some people were very happy with customer support but some of them weren’t.

I have mixed feelings about this model. I saw quite new reviews about people wondering how it’s possible that for some guys this chair wasn’t solid and for them it’s very sturdy. Maybe they bought the chair with older version of the base? I’m not sure because bad reviews are also quite recent (but they were about chairs purchased a few months ago; so there’s a possibility that the problems were caused by the old version of the base).

You need to check on your own and decide. Here you can read all reviews about Vertagear PL6000 and make your decision.

  • Designed for tall and chubby people
  • Better casters than other Vertagear chairs
  • 4D adjustable armrests
  • Better location of tilt mechanism
  • Customers complain about breaking base and poor material in this Vertagear chair (read more above or here in Amazon reviews)


Here we are. I hope that after my comparison of Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000 vs PL6000 you already know which one is the best Vertagear for you. I know that sometimes you’d prefer 4D armrest and for example SL2000 doesn’t have it but the most important thing is always the shape of the chair and your body. If they’re fit together you will be fine and all fancy features won’t be as necessary as you think.

If you’d have any questions or you’d like comparison of other gaming chairs let me know in the comment sections!

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