BestOffice Ergonomic Mid-Back Computer Chair is nothing fancy to look at. In my opinion, though, this model seems to offer astonishing value for a budget gamer and office worker who’ll be seated for more than 5 hours.

Well, I don’t expect you to take my every word for it. So, this review touches its every nook and cranny and will help you figure out whether the BestOffice is your go-to desk seat or not.

BestOffice Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk MidBack Chair Review

Who Is This Chair For?

First things first…

At its price, the BestOffice makes a good bet for gamers and office workers operating on a shoestring budget.

Although this model did not make it on my other list of the best budget office chair under $100, its strong, metallic base and comfortable sitting surface assure good support without spending much.

About the user’s dimensions, this chair seems to have been crafted with the small to mid-sized buyers in mind.

Most of the reviewers who praise it seemed to fall within the 5’1’’- 5’8’’ range. I didn’t come across any complaints about it being too short for anyone.

On the same note, however, I didn’t get reports from taller-than-average buyers when I was typing this (click here for the latest reviews).

According to the manufacturer, the BestOffice should offer utmost safety provided you don’t exceed its 250 pounds weight limit. Its well-built base, however, seems like it could support a few more pounds above that although I don’t encourage it.

Why Should You Consider The BestOffice Desk Chair?

Has Comfortable & Supportive Seat Padding

While each and every part of the chair contributes to the overall comfort and support that you get, let’s just agree that the number 1 critical feature is the seat padding.

The padding that you get with this chair is above-average and does not seem like it will collapse easily. It will do a great job in distributing your weight evenly across the seat for optimum comfort and blood circulation.

bestoffice midback desk office chair
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Has a Waterfall Seat Design

This is another impressive design that goes hand in hand with the seat pan. The foam has been molded nicely along the front edge to give the seat a slightly sloppy design that helps in relieving pressure along your thighs and behind your knees.

Its Mesh Back Offers Optimum Breathability

Bonded leather seats help in giving your office an executive statement. Unfortunately, you may not like them especially if you are the sweaty type and if you are not lucky to enjoy an air-conditioned office.

In that case, the mesh back of the BestOffice seat allows for adequate air circulation so you won’t create a pool of sweat around your back.

back of the chair - BestOffice

On this note, I have to mention that I found the mesh used on this chair quite stiff and nicely constructed.

As such, it seems like it could hold up well for some years without becoming loose compared to what we saw with the Alera Elusion seat.

Features a Strong, Metallic Base

Another impressive feature that most buyers love about this chair is its seemingly sturdy and professionally constructed base. 

Oftentimes, most chairs within this price range come with a plastic-made base. Although such chairs use sturdy plastics that won’t crumble on you, a metallic base offers a higher degree of safety.

One thing though. This metallic base also makes the BestOffice a little bit hefty. So, it might be quite hectic if you plan to lug it up and down a flight of stairs on a regular basis.

What Adjustments Does It Offer?

This seat offers only 2 adjustments: height and tilt. Personally, I prefer a seat that offers more in terms of comfort customization. But I can forgive this chair for its minimal adjustment options especially given its asking price.

bestoffice midback office chair knob

You can adjust this chair’s height from 19’’ to 23’’. Interestingly, this seat also has a tilt lock function and tension knob that allows you to set how stiff you want the rocking motion to be.

What Do The Previous Buyers Say?

Garnering a 4.1/5-star rating from its past 500+ buyers, the BestOffice seems to offer what most people seek in a budget desk chair.

Most people appreciate its compact size that makes it easy to fit in tight spaces without a lot of hustle. I also came across a lot of users who say that the seat is comfortable for them.

Not everyone likes assembling things. And this might be a drawback since the BestOffice comes disassembled. However, previous buyers affirm that setting it up is another walk in the park.

Most of them like that everything comes nicely packed in a box. You’ll get a detailed guide to walk you an Allen key (all you need) to help you breeze through the assembling process.

Of course, I did find some reports from disgruntled buyers as well. A few of them say that the seat area was not wide enough for their wide hips. This emanates from the fact that the armrests are fixed.

Again, these armrests’ non-adjustable height might be a bother if you intend to slide the chair under a low-height desk. On the same note, the manufacturer seemed to have skimmed on the armrest padding and might not offer a lot of comfort to your arms.

Pros & Cons

  • Very affordable
  • Incredible lumbar support
  • Features a strong, metallic base
  • 2-wheel casters roll easily
  • It’s very easy to assemble
  • Height and tilt adjustments work smoothly
  • Compact for small offices and tight quarters
  • Not wide enough for users with wide hips
  • Quite heavy at 25 pounds to lift up and down the stairs

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