Last month my friend invited me because he bought a desk for his room. In circle of my friends I’m the master of future assembling so probably that was the reason of his invitation 😉 To be fair he bought a few beers for us (to celebrate after assembling)!

He likes to play on his PC and his choice was DXRacer DGD/1000/NW.

You probably ask me why he chose this desk? That was also my first question!

His reply was: “I wanted something solid and cool designed and people say DXRacer Desk will give me that. I wanted to try”.

I was glad because I was always curious how this gaming desk looks like in real life. Plus I knew that I could write about it on my blog. So here’s my DXRacer Desk review, I hope it’s going to be useful for you guys!

Assembling of DXRacer Desk – Is it hard?

In my life I assembled a lot of furnitures and I’m really good at it. We opened the box from DXRacer. All elements were well protected.

Ok, admit it. Who doesn’t like unpacking?

>> Every good desk also needs quality and comfortable gaming chair. If you are looking for something quite cheap, here you can find great and budget gaming chair.

Instructions were clear and easy to follow. I’d say that after 40 minutes the desk was ready. My friend said that without me it could be a little bit harder for him but I still think it won’t be a mission impossible for anybody. Actually every DXRacer products have good manual and they are easy to assemble.

Our First Impression Of The Gaming Desk

We looked at our final job. Assembled desk from DXRacer looked awesome.

I was like “yeah, you were right, it’s solid and good designed desk”

First thing I did notice was that the desk was very, very solid and has heavy structure. In the good way – it wasn’t like wardrobe which you can’t move. But it wasn’t like crappy desk for $80 which is moving along with you either.

To make this review more clear I split it into few parts where you can read what I think about different features.

Quality Of Materials

Like I said this gaming desk is very solid. Just like DXRacer chairs, the desk is also created from high-quality materials. You don’t need to worry about moving of it or something like that, so it’s exactly like it should be.

When it comes to DXRacer products, one thing you can be sure of – the quality of materials is always perfect

Wooden desk board looks very nice. I also appreciate glossy part on the edge of the desk. It gives this desk a “trendy look”.

I wasn’t sure about plastic elements at the beginning. I thought it could be a little bit cheesy but again – no way. It’s not a thin plastic which you can break.

Steel rod frame looks as everything else – very solid and makes the desk stabile.

Angle Of Attack – What is that?

Designers of this desk figured out that with a regular desk you aren’t in a good position because of the shape of the desk. I can agree with that. However when you sit properly on a good chair you will be fine anyway, but this feature could help people who don’t use proper ergonomic chairs for work or play.

Pretty useful feature.. and it works!

To being honest I didn’t even notice this little angle! Neither my friend. But after a closer look we had to agree it’s there.

I was talking to my friend last week (after about 3 weeks of purchase) and he said that he can feel this little angle while gaming. It helps his back and neck. Nice!

So Much Space!

What stands out a good desk? It has a lot of space. And that’s the case with the desk from DXRacer.

I love big desks and I hate the small ones. Why? Hmm… I like to feel that I’m in my base. It’s my territory and I need to feel the space and comfort.

With the desk from DXRacer you probably won’t need to do that 😉

That’s what I feel when I’m sitting at DXRacer desk.

Speakers, monitor, keyboard, mouse, a glass of Cola and there’s still a lot of space. 31.5 x 31.5 x 47 inches size is definitely enough. Good job DXRacer.

I Don’t Want To See These Wires!

I always hated wires nearby. I like to keep my desk clean with only the most important things on it. This desk gives a chance to keep it that way and I love it!

Two big holes, one on the left and one on the right. They could be very useful if you have two speakers on both sides.

4 holes, no wires on the desk, nice!

Except 2 big holes we also have 2 gaps in the middle. For what? Cables from the monitor, keyboard and mouse of course. Sure, these days a lot of people have wireless keyboards, mouses etc. but I know a lot of people who prefer avoid disconnecting and still use cable stuff.

Rotatable Trapezoid Feet – Is It Necessary?

Another feature of DXRacer gaming desk is a rotatable trapezoid feet.  This feature should help you to move the desk if you want. Is it really necessary and useful?

What do you think about this feature?

I’m not really convinced. Why? Because if you set up your desk you won’t be moving it too often. It helped me and my friend to set up this desk but I don’t see this feature to be useful in the future.

Available Colors – Which You Prefer?

The desk is available in 4 colors. Black, black/green, black/red, black/white. My friend bough black/white and I like it the most but it’s just my personal opinion. Anyway I think each color looks good. If you add to the set one of the DXRacer chair your gaming base will look amazing! It will look great both with DXRacer F-Series, DXRacer King and every other one.

What is your favourite color?

What Other People Think About DXRacer Desk? Check Reviews!

I checked other people reviews on Amazon (click here to read) and most of them agree with me. This desk is very, very solid and worth the price. You need to know that good desk doesn’t cost $80. It doesn’t matter how it looks like. No. 1 rule of a good desk is: it should be solid and you should feel comfortable at it. And you will find it in this desk.

Pros & Cons

  • Great design
  • Very solid structure
  • Quality materials
  • Angle of attack feature
  • Big size of the desk
  • 4 holes for wires
  • Rotatable trapezoid feet are not really useful


If you need a solid and good looking desk for your office or room you’ll probably like this desk designed by DXRacer. It has everything that a good desk needs. Good thing is that DXRacer gives 4 color versions of the desk so if you have minimalistic office it should also match the design.

Again, remember that if you’re looking for a good desk you should keep in mind that it should be solid. At least as solid as this DXRacer desk.


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