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Last time I reviewed on my blog DXRacer King Series and DXRacer Racing Series.

You’ve probably already know what is next, right?

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Ladies and Gentelmen, please welcome DXRacer F Series Review!

I’ve never had my version of DXRacer Formula Series but I had opportunity to sit on it at my friend’s house (cheers Chuck!). I also talked to him about this chair so thanks to that I could tell you a little about it 🙂

DXRacer ModelAvailable ColorsRatingPopularityWhere to buy?
 DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01 ★★ ☻☻
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101  ★★☻☻
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD99  ★★☻☻
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH00  ★★ 
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08  ★★☻☻☻
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH11  ★★

DXRacer F Series – Who Is This Chair For?

Last time when I reviewed DXRacer Racing Series I wrote that Racing Series is for not too big people. And this is true. But it still could be used by people who have around 6’1″ (185 cm) of height.

F-Series is designed for even smaller people and thanks to higher backrest it ensure proper ergonomic of work for them and they can avoid back pain.

Ekhm, actually maybe not that small people. DXRacer recommends R-Series for people under 5’10” (178 cm)

You probably heard it: a jack of all trades is master of none”.

That’s why DXRacer designed so many chairs. You can’t expect that person who have 5’7” of height will need the same chair as 6’3”.

DXRacer F Series is designed for people under 5’10” (178 cm). Actually DXRacer height recommendation is 5’8″ (173 cm). Maximum weight? 200 lbs (90.7 kg).

DXRacer F Series vs R Series – Differences

If you read my DXRacer Racing Series review you might remember that R Series have a lot of types. A lot of configurations.

The shape and height of Racing Series (left) is a little bit bigger. DXRacer Formula Series (right) is designed for smaller people.

For example you can choose 3D or 4D arms, 2” or 3” casters etc. Formula Series also gives opportunity to choose your own configuration but there is less variety than in Racing Series.

Why? That’s a good question.

I suppose that the reason is height and weight of person who use the chair.

If you’re lighter you don’t really need special, metal parts. It doesn’t mean that DXRacer F Series is crappy, plastic chair. Not at all!

DXRacer F-Series vs R-Series Differences

But it’s true that Formula Series have a little bit less configurations that Racing Series. To check differences you can see the image above. It still doesn’t mean that you need Racing Series. If you have about 5’9″ I’d still recommend you DXRacer F-Series, not Racing Series because you will just feel more comfortable in this specific chair.

DXRacer Formula Series Assembly – Is It Easy?

I didn’t assembly this chair by myself but I talked to my friend Chuck who did. I will quote his view about assembling of DXRacer F-Series gaming chair:

“I didn’t have any problems with assembling this chair. Guide was clear and I’d say it took me about 30 minutes. But to be fair I assembled similar chair for my son some time ago so I had some experience. But I still think it’s not a big deal to do that, even if you haven’t done this before, just follow the manual and you’ll be fine” – Chuck.

Assembling? No problem!

I’d add that I assembled DXRacer Racing Series and also didn’t have any problems so it also shouldn’t be a problem for you. DXRacer did a good job with instructions for all of their products.

F-Series Dimensions

You already know what kind of people is this chair for. Below you can also see all dimensions of chairs from official website. This time all DXRacer F-Series gaming chairs have the same sizes. In Racing Series there were differences between some chairs but in this case all dimensions are the same (the are differences only in parts).

Dimensions of whole chair

Seat Size:

Armrest Pad Size:

Foam Density : 

Foam Density : 

Adjustable Back Angle : 

Package Size : 

Net Weight (Approximate) : 

14.5″W(Front) x 12.5″W (Back) x 17.75″D

11.0″L x 3.0″W

52 kg/m³

52 kg/m³


33.86″L x 27.17″W x 14.57″H

48.50 lb / 22kg

What I Think About DXRacer Formula Series Quality?

If you’ve read my previous reviews about DXRacer chairs you’ve probably already know 🙂

As in other chairs, DXRacer F-Series provides you a lot of comfort. Foam density is perfect. You will feel like you’re sitting on a good and high-quality pillow which additionally is very stabile. 

>> DXRacer quality is top. Not doubt about it. But maybe you want to check cheap gaming chair which also can provide good comfort of gaming sessions? Go to my ranking and find out!

Material in Formula Series is also as good as in other DXRacer’s chairs. You won’t find any loose threads or something like this, be sure of that 🙂

I felt very confident when I was sitting on this chair. Why?

The chair is pretty heavy and that’s a good think. You know that you have a solid, high-quality chair – not just a crappy sh*t.

3D adjustable armrest are plastic, yes. It could be a problem for someone, but for the ergonomic of work and comfort it doesn’t change much for me. After a few hours it’s still comfortable. I remember when I had my first chair from Ikea and it was a nightmare. Arm rests were in wrong position and it was causing issues with my arms. In this chair everything’s fine and I feel comfort, nothing else.

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD vs Formula Series DOH/FH – Differences

If you have a little bit more money to spend you can buy improved version of Formula Series – DOH/FH. It has 3D adjustable arm and inlaid color bar.

Of course you can also find different models of each, like DXRacer F-Series DOH/FD101 or DXRacer F-Series DOH/FD99. They are only designed differently, the rest is the same.

Differences between different models of DXRacer Formula Series

Colors Of DXRacer F-Series Gaming Chair

Choice of colors is huge. You can find red, black, blue and much more. In the table on the top of this page I included colors of each model.

DXRacer F-Series Reviews – What Other People Think About This Chair?

As always I checked reviews of other people of the chair on most popular websites, including Amazon.

What surprised me?

Remember when I wrote that DXRacer Formula Series have less configurations than Racing Series? However F-Series still have better ratings on Amazon, even up to 4.7/5 (click here to read it). It seems that more is not always better 😉

>> Limited budget? Not sure about buying original DXRacer chair? Check top chairs which are similar to DXRacer but cheaper!

Pros & Cons

  • Nice design
  • A lot of colors
  • Quality material
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Good for quite small people
  • 3D adjustable arms
  • Plastic arms
  • Only for people under 5’10” (178 cm)

Final Word – Would I Recommend This Chair?

If you’re 5’8″ – 5’10” (173-178cm) this chair definitely should be on your “to check” list. Actually after you read this article it is checked 🙂 It’s very good, ergonomic chair which have a lot of different designs. Even if your room looks simple and minimalistic DXRacer chair still should looks good near your desk.

Comfy, stable, very well designed chair for (I think) good price. That’s my final word. Hope you will choose well! Good luck!



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