DXRacer King Series Review – Is It Chair For Me?

Here we are! After review of DXRacer Racing Series and F-Series it’s time to look closer at King Series.

Why? I decided to write DXRacer King Series review because according to statistics it’s most popular DXRacer chair, so I suppose you’re going to be interested in this model.

You may think it’s another popular chair which is not worth the price … but it really is? Let’s see that!

Ready to check good review? Let’s start!

What You Are Looking For? Is This Chair For You?

“Chair! Of course I need a chair!”

But my question is: Why you are looking for the chair? What you expect from your new chair? And why the hell DXRacer?!

Easy, I’m not going to tell you that DXRacer is bad, not at all 🙂 It’s very good company which produce amazing stuff for gamers (not only chairs, they offer also gaming desk).

I suppose that your current chair is not really comfortable, right? You want to avoid back pain after a few hours of playing / working.

Or maybe you just want better CS:GO frags score? 😏 I knew it!

Anyway you’re in good place and this chair could help you but.. there’s one but.

DXRacer designed a lot of chairs. King Series, Racing Series, Iron Series, F-Series etc.

DXRacer King Series is for people under 6’2″ / 188 cm and  300 lbs / 136.1 kg. Recommended sizes by DXRacer are:

Weight limit: 275 lbs / 124.74 kg
Height limit: 5’9″ / 1.75 m – 6’2″ / 1.88 m

Wait! You’re much smaller or maybe bigger? In first case check DXRacer Racing Series or DXRacer F-Series. In second you’d probably need something more solid. Something like DXRacer Iron Series.

Now you should know basics. If you’re in lucky for King Series size stay with me. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about this chair!

Review: Here’s My Thoughts About DXRacer King Series

Thanks to one of my kids I had opportunity to use this chair and test it.

I had to give it a try – and it was just marvelous!

I strongly believe that gaming shouldn’t only be about what is on the screen but has a lot to do about the comfort of the persons too. This chair provided me with the required comfort for my daily activities and I enjoyed my gaming time.

I wasn’t feeling tire (and no back pains at all!) and this could be thanks to the tall and well-structured backrest which also enabled me to rest my back comfortably.

>> Hey, are you big guy who is looking for solid chair but DXRacer King is too expensive for you? Check my ranking with cheap gaming chairs where you can find quality & budget models! Of even my article with best DXRacer alternatives!

Assembling of King Series gaming chair? Nothing hard. With little help of my son after maybe 20 minutes all was done. We just followed instructions.

Its weight also made it easier to be moved from one end to another.

DXRacer King pillows are like ↑

Pillow of this DXRacer chair provided excellent protection and comfort to my head. I love it!

And asides giving me the best back posture protection for several hours, I felt relaxed and focused more on my game and other office activities. The contentment was real and I strongly recommend the chair to anyone who is in a desperate need to improve on his/ her sitting condition; I’m sure you’ll enjoy everything about this gaming chair because of its structure and well-perfected design.

White version of DXRacer King Series Review
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Which Model Did I Choose?

In case of DXRacer King Series choosing the model is not a big problem.

F-Series and Racing Series which I mentioned before have a few different configurations. It’s because lightest people doesn’t need wide aluminum base or 3″ PU casters wheels.

DXRacer King Series have all these cool features in every model. Below you can find configuration of all DXRacer King Series models.

DXRacer King Series have just one configuration of all models. And that’s good!

Actually the only thing you need to choose is design/color. Already available versions of King Series are:

DXRacer King Series

DXRacer King Series

DXRacer USA Special Editions

Unfortunately there is no other colors available at the moment (when I was writing this review).

A few months ago DOH/KS11 have also black version and DOH/KS06 have red, blue, white etc. But probably it will be back.

To check if they added any new colors click on the images above and see on Amazon.

What Gives You This Chair? Most Important Features Of King Series

DXRacer is not only design. Their chairs have much more to offer than fancy look. What is most important by me?

  • Streamline shape allows you to shift it from one place to another without any problems
  • Large and wide backrest gives adequate support to the lower back hence preventing backache and discomfort
  • It adds fun and excitement to your game while the chair rolls 360 degrees with ease due to fortified wheels (pretty cool if you’re fan of NFS!)
  • The lumbar/neck pillow (included!) made me feel very relaxed and allowed comfortable head rest during the game or work
  • I got my DXRacer chair within 3 days or so. And shipping was free 😉 Not sure if it’s still free (click here to check it)
  • It’s not super-important but if you are going to build great gaming base, this chair will look great with your gaming desk.

One of the best DXRacer chairs - King Series review

Results Of Using DXRacer King Series

I tried this chair only a few days (when my kid was on the holiday) and most important thing which I noticed is that my back pain (mostly lumbar) disappeared!

My problem was always lumbar pain

After buying this DXRacer King Series DOH/KS06 problem was gone 🙂 So if anybody have problems with ergonomic of work and back pain this chair will definitely should help. Especially it’s designed for taller people.

Victory! Pain is gone! (Btw. my son said that on this chair he can even learn more LOL)

Advantages and disadvantages of DXRacer King Series

  • has extra large and wider design
  • adjustable lumbar pillow
  • included with head/neck pillow
  • high backrest to support head
  • can be swiveled 360-degree
  • the arms are not long

Final Word

If you are tall and you always had problems with back pains or maybe just need comfortable and quality chair you can be sure that DXRacer King Series do the job. Quality of materials, proper ergonomic shape assure you longer, healthier and happier game or work. Hope my review helped you!

Btw. You can check what other people think about this chair and read Amazon reviews here.

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  1. MKK

    August 20, 2017 at 10:09 am

    price is too high….

  2. johnny1992

    August 22, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    is it really that comfortable as price say?

    • Morgan

      August 23, 2017 at 3:31 pm

      I have one of DXRacer chairs (F-Series) and it really is. Before I had some sh**ty chair without adjustable armrests and with thin foam and now I feel difference. In general DXRacer is solid company, I had my chair 2 days after I ordered on amazon. People say a lot of bullshits about these chairs but the true is that they are really comfy.

  3. Alexis

    August 25, 2017 at 9:22 am

    I think in DXRacer case it’s always matter how serious you are about your job/play. I mean if you sit on the chair 2-3 hours per day – don’t bother to buy that expensive chair. But if you spend almost whole day on the chair at your desk you really need good chair. DXRacer, AKRacing – every one of them should be ok but personally I have DXRacer Racing and I’m happy.

  4. donCorleone

    August 31, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    Thanks for review Dave. after the read I decided to bought DXRacer King last month and I think it was my best purchase from looong time!!

    Pillows are very comfortable and my neck is finally fine, no pain at all. I wasn’t sure about the price, because let’s be honest – it’s quite expensive chair – but totally worth it. What amazed me – chair is very solid. I’m big guy and my last chair was simply too small for me and was very light if I compare it now to the DXRacer.

    Last word to other guys considering this chair: it’s worth the price and best chair I’ve ever had. Now after 6 hours of gaming session I feel I could play even 3 hours more!!

    thanks again for review Dave!

    • Dave Grant

      August 31, 2017 at 2:06 pm

      No problem @donCorleone. I’m happy that I could help you with the choice 🙂 To being honest for bigger guys this chair is really good option. I’m sure you will use it for many years!

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