Initially, I thought it won’t be possible to get the best gaming chair for myself – perhaps I submitted too early to the natural belief that we can not always get everything we want. However it became a great concern to me whenever I got up from my chair after sitting for several hours and I need to confess about how I had been going through hard times to perform my daily duties and to enjoy video games in my office. I searched and researched the internet trying to find lasting solution to my seemingly unending predicament. This DXRacer Chair was in some aspects even better than DXRacer Racing Series! Enjoy read of my DXRacer King Series review!

DXRacer King Series Review

Well, I eventually came across this chair and had to give it a try – and it was just marvelous! While I strongly believe that gaming shouldn’t only be about what is on the screen but has a lot to do about the comfort of the persons too, this chair provided me with the required comfort for my daily activities and I enjoyed my gaming time. I wasn’t feeling tire anymore and this could be attributed to the tall and well-structured backrest which also enabled me to rest my back comfortably. It was very easy to assemble – it was quite amazing that I coupled it together in just few minutes.

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Its weight also made it easier to be moved from one end to another, and more importantly, this multi-purpose chair serves as gaming, office, computer, desk and executive chair while the furniture pillow provided excellent protection and comfort to my head. And asides giving me the best back posture protection for several hours, I felt relaxed and focused more on my game and other office activities. The contentment was real and I strongly recommend the chair to anyone who is in a desperate need to improve on his/ her sitting condition; I’m sure you’ll enjoy everything about this gaming chair because of its structure and well-perfected design.

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Moreover, apart from spending hours playing my favorite games on PC without feeling any sort of body pain, my budget was not affected too – the price of getting one of these beautiful gaming chairs is reasonable and you can select from wide range of designs and colors presently on display. Its streamline shape allows users to shift it from one place to another and to minimize space occupation. Its larger and wider backrest gives adequate support to the lower back hence preventing backache and discomfort. It adds fun and excitement to your game while the chair rolls 360 degrees with ease due to fortified wheels.

One of the best DXRacer chairs - King Series review

Advantages and disadvantages of DXRacer King Series

  • has extra large and wider design
  • adjustable lumbar pillow
  • included with head/neck pillow
  • high backrest to support head
  • can be swiveled 360-degree
  • the arms are not long

The lumbar pillow made me feel very relaxed and allowed comfortable head rest but the arms can be improved on and my kid found it a bit hard to adapt to the lumbar pillow due to its over-padded feature. Notwithstanding I had good time enjoying my gaming chair and the value is worth its price. So, if you are considering ordering for a DXRacer Racing Series chair, be rest assured that you’re on the right path and I know you won’t be disappointed. You can check prices and availability here. Good luck with your choice!

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