Which DXRacer Racing Series Chair Is The Best? Here’s My Review!

There’s so many good chairs to choose, right?

Let’s say that we’d try to pick just from gaming chairs. Well, we still have DXRacer, AKRacing, Vertagear etc.

Ok, but if you’re here you probably know that DXRacer is brand which you want. Moreover you know that you want (or at least you’re considering) DXRacer Racing Series.

My brain when thinking which gaming chair to choose at the beginning

Great but still there’s more than one DXRacer Racing Series chair and that’s why I wrote this article.


I will show you who should consider DXRacer R Series and which model from these series is the best. Let’s go to my DXRacer Racing Series review!

DXRacer Racing Series Review – My Experience

My tireless effort in search of suitable gaming chairs yielded positive result when I finally stumbled on DXRacer collection. It was first gaming chair which I liked.

Before then, I usually tucked in the couch while trying to enjoy playing my favorite pc game and I could categorically make it clear that it was a terrible experience – the pain and discomfort were consistence and immense.

Before I was like ↑

After passing through severed back pains and un-enjoyable moments for many months, I decided to embark on a thorough online searches and there I bought DXRacer Chair. And yes, it was Racing Series.

This chairs suits several occasions and sitting conditions – office, homes and name it, the luxury is there and you’ll love the experience, too.

DXRacer Racing Series Comparison

DXRacer ModelSizeAvailable ColorsRatingPopularityWhere to buy?
Racing Series RB1XS ★★☻☻
Racing Series RE0XS ★★☻☻☻
Racing Series RW106XS  ★★ ☻☻☻
Racing Series RH110S ★★ 
Racing Series RV001S  ★★☻☻☻
Racing Series RV118S  ★★ 

Scroll down to see details of S and XS sizes.

The design provided a comfortable sitting arrangement and guaranteed my overall personal excitement. I really love the lumbar headrest made of soft cushion and wider enough to give my head a perfect resting place. The backrest is adjustable and fits well into my preference while other members of my family also tried and liked it.

Meanwhile, it comes in various colorful collections but I preferred going for the black/red specs which happened to be my favorite color.

>> Do you like DXRacer design but you’re not sure whether it’s worth the price? You may like GTRacing chair (budget alternative) from my ranking of best cheap gaming chairs! I also wrote comparison with best DXRacer knockoffs here.

There are various dimensions and designs to choose from but once again I went for the reclined backrest chair which allowed me to rest my back without having to raise my knees.

And while every part of this chair is perfected to make life easier to the users especially those that spend several hours sitting in the office or having fun on their pc games, its elegant look is another special feature that make me fall in love with it.

I will also like to point out the comfort the armrests gave to my shoulders and wrists while enjoying the best of my spare hours on pc games. The armrests are made with soft materials and equipped with adjustable features which make it available to everyone – both kids and adult. And due to my body type, I decided to settle for the narrow type series.

Its dimension – width and height is just exactly what I needed and had always been my dream chair.

Who should consider buying DXRacer Racing Series?

Racing Series of DXRacer chairs are designed for everyone who care about comfort and ergonomic of work.

But hey, who don’t?

So who especially should look closer on this chair? Where is difference in DXRacer Racing Series?

DXRacer Racing Series is designed for slim or average person.  Below you can find recommended Racing Series weigh and height limit.
Suggested height:

XS Version: Up to 185 cm / 6 ft 1 in
(RB, RE, RW models)

S Version: Up to 190 cm / 6 ft 3 in
(RH and RV models)
Suggested weight limit:

XS Version: 180 lbs / 81.65 kg
(RB, RE, RW models)

S Version: 220 lbs / 99.79 kg
(RH, RV models)

DXRacer Chairs (and Racing Series) Dimensions from official website

DXRacer Racing Series Chairs Differences

For now DXRacer company designed and created 5 major different Racing Series Chairs.

What differences are between all 5 models?

Actually it’s 3 things:

  1. Weight size (XS and S) – We discussed it before
  2. Colors (Many versions)
  3. Some parts (like arms, base, caster)

That’s it. I wrote above suggested limit in the table so you can choose proper size. Color is the easiest (I’m sure that you already know your favourite). How about parts? The best way to show you differences is to look on below table (scroll to part with Racing Series).

DXRacer Racing Series models differences (image from DXRacer.com)

What exactly mean DXRacer Manufacturer Part Number? I will quote statement of one of DXRacer workers:

Let’s decipher OH/KS57/NE

OH – Office/Home. All of our standard desk chairs fall under this category.

KS57 – This actually has three parts.

  • K – Series the model belongs to (King)
  • S – Straight armrests (F is for the previous iteration, which are angled forward)
  • 57 – Design pattern. Literally means “Design #57”.

NE – Black (Noir [don’t ask me why we use French], and Green (E), as Grey is G.

source: reddit

Sometimes we can find category DOH instead of OH. What is the difference between DOH and OH? I can’t find any DXRacer statement but it seems that some kind of chairs (actually most of them) have newer models and they are named DOH instead of OH. Changes are really small like for example recommended height size etc. Prices are the same or very close so it you want to choose go for DOH.

Btw. If you want to check how DXRacer chairs looks like when you compare it to AKRacing click here to check my AKRacing vs DXRacer comparison.

Pros and Cons of DXRacer Racing Series

  • reclined back-rest
  • efficient and comfortable
  • patent race car seat
  • adjustable and flexible backrest
  • aluminum base
  • not the best choice for tall people

DXRacer Racing Series Review Blue Version

What else I can say? This chair gave me maximum comfort and satisfaction since I purchased it. What I’d change if I could? Maybe add some cool designed feature to better look (yeah, I really like fancy design). Asides this, I give it 100% perfection. So check DXRacer Racing Series out and you will definitely love the experience. I ordered chair on Amazon here. The company takes customer’s satisfaction so serious – I received my order very quick as the delivery came on time.

check price and available


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  1. Bond007

    August 22, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    Shame that there’s no DXRacer Racing in USA colors. I found it only in special edition. Maybe anyone know where to buy?

    • ox

      August 23, 2017 at 2:32 am

      you can’t, this design is only in special edition versions.

      btw. special edition designs are much better than regular versions like king and racing

  2. Ana

    August 28, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    I bought this chair for my boyfriend on our anniversary and he loves it. Padding is very soft and pillows for neck and lumbar really comfortable. But I need to say that it’s a little bit expensive….

  3. mike

    August 31, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    I’m really happy with service of DXRacer. I ordered my chair 2 weeks ago and after one day package was in my house. The box was untapped, instruction clear and chair easy to assemble. Definitely recommended, top-notch product

  4. big fan

    August 31, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    I really LOVE DXRacer chairs. When they released their first chair I tested it only in my friend’s house (he always was the rich one, or maybe his parents haha). From this time I known that I have to get my DXRacer too. I loved pillows and design of the chair (especially black version). Finally half year ago I bought this DXRacer Racing Zero version and I joined to happy DXRacer customers.

    Maybe my post looks like crappy promotion of their chairs but trust me guys – or better check reviews on Amazon. Their gaming chairs have really good ratings (almost all over 4 stars). It’s only confirmation on my words. BIG fan of DXRacer and probably soon I will order some special edition with even better design than Zero version!

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