After reviews of AKRacing chairs it’s time to look closer on most popular company of gaming chairs – DXRacer! Sit comfortably and enjoy my DXRacer Racing Series Review. Maybe you will sit even more comfortably after you will decide on this chair 😉

DXRacer Racing Series Review

My tireless effort in search of suitable gaming chairs yielded positive result when I finally stumbled on DXRacer collection. It was first gaming chair which I liked. Before then, I usually tucked in the couch while trying to enjoy playing my favorite pc game and I could categorically make it clear that it was a terrible experience – the pain and discomfort were consistence and immense. After passing through severed back pains and un-enjoyable moments for many months, I decided to embark on a thorough online searches and there I acquired one of the best gaming chairs in the market today – it was very easy to assemble and simple to manage.

Red version of DXRacer Racing Series Review

This chairs suits several occasions and sitting conditions – office, homes and name it, the luxury is there and you’ll love the experience, too. The design provided a comfortable sitting arrangement and guaranteed my overall personal excitement. I enjoyed the lumbar headrest made of soft cushion and wider enough to give my head a perfect resting place. The backrest is adjustable and fits well into my preference while other members of my family also had access to it. Meanwhile, it comes in various colorful collections but I preferred going for the black/red specs which happened to be my favorite color.

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Visit DXRacer for more information on their numerous collections and make a choice, I strongly believe you will not regret doing so. There are various dimensions and designs to choose from but once again I went for the reclined backrest chair which allowed me to rest my back without having to raise my knees. And while every part of this chair is perfected to make life easier to the users especially those that spend several hours sitting in the office or having fun on their pc games, its elegant look is another special feature that make me fall in love with it.
I will also like to point out the comfort the armrests gave to my shoulders and wrists while enjoying the best of my spare hours on pc games. The armrests are made with soft materials and equipped with adjustable features which make it available to everyone – both kids and adult. And due to my body type, I decided to settle for the narrow type series. Its dimension – width and height is just exactly what I needed and had always been my dream chair. This has always been the quality of chair I’ve I sorted for and thanks to DXRacer for offering this impeccable design.

Pros and Cons of DXRacer Racing Series

  • reclined back-rest
  • efficient and comfortable
  • patent race car seat
  • adjustable and flexible backrest
  • aluminum base
  • wiggling armrests
  • piston seems defective

DXRacer Racing Series Review Blue Version

I do not have anything against this gaming chair because it gave me maximum comfort and satisfaction since I purchased it. And if at all I see any flaw in its overall features, perhaps it should be the armrests which sometime make quick and unwanted movement in various directions. Asides this, I give it 100% perfection. So check DXRacer Racing Series out and you will definitely love the experience. I ordered chair on Amazon here. The company takes customer’s satisfaction so serious – I received my order very quick as the delivery came on time.

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