Last time when I was looking for good alternative for DXRacer I compared it to cheaper Merax gaming chair. I mentioned there that Merax is good replacement for smaller DXRacer chairs like Racing or F-Series but it’s not the best choice for bigger people.

So what if you need something bigger and more comfortable for taller gamers?

I found great solution and that’s why I decided to review EwinRacing Flash XL Series – perfect choice for guys who need really solid and big gaming chair.

Ewin Flash XL Series – Who Should Consider Buying This Chair?

EwinRacing have in their offer many different types of chairs but in this article I will focus only on the biggest one – Flash XL Series (also known as Flash Series Plus).

This chair is great choice for heavier people. EwinRacing say on their official website that if you are under 551.2 lbs (250kg) and 5’3″ – 6’7″ (160-200 cm) Flash XL Series is the best option for you.

Who else should consider Ewin Flash XL Series? People who absolutely love maximum comfort. Why? Keep reading!

Maximum Comfort – That’s What You Can Expect!

image of ewin chair flash xl series review

Quality of every good gaming and office chair depends on a lot of things but most important is definitely comfort of sitting. What cause that sitting is nice? Foam!

And that’s why Ewin Flash XL is so special. Foam density of this chair is 60kg/m3! Yep, you see it right.

Even the biggest DXRacer Tank Series has smaller density of foam. I think it speaks for itself.

Design, Material And Color – As Good As Other Brands?

Let’s be honest – gaming chairs from many brands are very similar. But what distinguishes the best ones? Details and quality of material.

And in this category another point for Ewin XL Series.

ewin flash xl red color

I checked reviews of the chair and people really love the quality (you can read it here). Stitching is perfect and all details are top-notch.

image of stitching ewin flash xl

Ewin Racing offer us a few colors of the chair: black, red, pink, blue and grey. In some versions main color is black, in some of them different color. It’s fine and enough to choose.

durable fiber leather - feature of Ewin Flash XL Series

Quality leather – and you know it is a top notch gaming chair

Material of the XL Series is fiber leather. Sometimes it could be a problem when you work in some hot place but Ewin say that it’s super durable, anti-friction and antioxidant so probably in this case it shouldn’t be a problem. Why not? Read more and check the cold cure forming sponge feature!

Technical Details:
Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair

Foam Type: High Density Intergrated Foaming
Foam Density: 60kg/m3
Frame Color: Black
Frame Construction: Metal
Adjustable Armrests: 4D
Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
Tilt Lock: Yes
Tilt Angle Lock: Yes
Gas Lift Class: 4
Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back
Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degrees
Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base
Caster Size & Material: 3″ Caster/PU

Cool Features Of Ewin XL Series – What You Can Expect?

The Cold Cure Forming Sponge

This is the feature I like the most. In the previous section I wrote about the leather on the back of this chair. On the seat we have this special cold cure forming sponge.

image of cold cure forming sponge

Thanks to that sweat should not be problem even when we work in a hot office. Very smart and cool thing!

4D Adjustable Armrests

adjustable arm rests of ewin chair


It’s a common feature in more expensive chairs but for me very important. I tried chairs without 4D armrests and definitely I missed this feature. Especially when you like keep your keyboard and mouse at the distance from each other like me – then 4D arms help a lot.

Pillows For Lumbar And Neck

image of neck pillow of ewin flash xl chair

Every good gaming chair should have these two pillows. Personally I love them and thanks to them I can work and play longer because my neck is fully supported. So it’s important that Ewin XL Series has it too.

Adjustable Back

image of adjustable back of ewin xl

In the era of YouTube when people prefer to watch than read adjustable back is pretty important. When you need a moment of chill and rest you can just tilt your back (85-155 Degrees) and comfortably watch on your screen anything you want.

Quality Base

image of solid base of ewin xl series

As I mentioned at the beginning EwinRacing Flash XL Series is for bigger people and that’s why solid base is so important. In this case we have 5-star aluminum base which is definitely enough for almost every person.

What Other People Think? Check Ewin Flash XL Reviews

I always do research and check what people think about specific chair. There was no exception in this case.

Ewin is quite young gaming chair company when we compare it to for example DXRacer. That’s why you can’t expect as many reviews as in DXRacer case when you check Amazon. But..

If you read reviews of Ewin Flash XL (for example here) you know that they did good job. I haven’t found one bad review. Only 5-stars reviews and maybe one or two 4-stars which is really awesome.

People love ergonomic shape of the chair, quality materials and top-notch details.

Pros & Cons

  • Top-notch quality of materials and design
  • Perfect for bigger people who have limited amount of products to choose
  • The Cold Cure Forming Sponge – great feature when you work in hot place
  • Price is high but chair for bigger people are more expensive and you need to know it. DXRacer Tank is even more expensive

Final Word

EwinRacing Flash XL is perfect choice for people who play or work a lot and need great, ergonomic chair. This is also one of the best picks for heavier and taller people. They need different solution and product from EwinRacing is definitely good option for them.

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