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Hey again folks! So you’re probably here and wondering “Is Ficmax another crappy, fancy chair for gamers which will break after few months?”. Want some answers?

The most awaited Ficmax Gaming Chair review is finally here. For quite some time, Ficmax has been developing amazing products and I have been fan of them ever since their first product was released.

These have become a symbol of modern gaming culture and are the bling factor of a gamer’s setup. Their cheap gaming chairs provide firm back support and let you sit comfortably as you play FIFA 18, Call of Duty, DOTA 2 or any other game you like.  It is your cloud to sit on while you play your favorite game. Not only do they provide comfort and ease, but they also provide a great aesthetic sense to your gaming setup.

This inexpensive Ficmax model is going to help with back issues and any other comfort problems you’ve been having – so let’s take a look at what makes this cheap gaming chair worthwhile!

Let’s dive into the Ficmax chair review and features.

Play, Read, Watch YouTube And More!

Do you like to buy products and then use them for multiple uses? Well then is for you! With a backward movement of 90 to 180-degrees, it has all the kind of backrest recline you need. You can also swivel around 360-degrees.

So, you could be working on your assignment or talking to the person you’ve really been wanting to talk to, and you can do this while keeping it at a 90-degree angle.

Ficmax has great recline - from 90-150 degrees - My Review

Playing games, working, reading, watching TV / movies / YT. Yep, Ficmax is good for all of these things

Or you could be playing a hardcore game and keep it at a 100-degree angle (which is best for gaming).

If you like to kick back and read some awesome books – or boring textbooks 😉 – you can turn it at a 120-degree angle and enjoy your book.

That’s not all!

Want to take a quick nap? Then it is there for you! All you need to do is turn it at a 150-degree angle and a foot-rest will protrude to cater to your tired legs and feet – yes, it has a foot-rest too, we’ll get to that later.

Angle of Ficmax chairFor whom?
90-degree angleBest for general work
100-degree angleBest for gaming
120-degree angleBest for reading / watching YT or movies
150-degree angleBest for resting

Too Sturdy For This Price!

Ficmax ensures security with each product they put out and undoubtedly, this affordable gaming chair has the same sense of security and comfort that Ficmax is known for.

Ficmax Gaming Chair Review - Very Sturdy for this price!

In my opinion Ficmax Gaming chair has the most sturdy metalic frame in this price range

The metal frame encasing the cushions and other features is a sturdy setup that ensures minimum chances of the frame breaking.

I’ve never seen such a sturdy metallic frame in this price range. This is something Ficmax can applaud themselves on.

An explosion-proof gas spring is used instead of the traditional mechanical spring. This may sound vague to many of you, but the gas spring has exponentially fewer chances of breaking while providing ease and comfort.

I should warn you that it is not completely soundproof. There have been few complaints about this particular feature; people are dissatisfied with the gas spring as it makes a creaking noise and does not fully operate the way they want it to. However, no complaints have surfaced about the spring ever breaking or any other kind of issue that might be a huge risk.

It supports up to 300lbs, and I think it’s a great bargain with the price range.

Be careful, 100% warranty you can get only from sellers approved by Ficmax. Check what is the price of this chair with full warranty on Amazon by clicking here.

Comfort You Desire

Ficmax is a name synonymous with comfort.

Sporting and adjustable thick armrests, this affordable gaming chair provides you with the necessary thick padding that helps blood flow to your legs and drastically decreases the chances of blood clots.

The Ficmax Gaming Chair Review - Comfort and many great features

But, I would not recommend sitting on this all day long. Actually I don’t recommend to do it on any chair, it’s just unhealthy. There have been complaints about this model not being comfortable if you play whole day.  If you wish to replace your expensive ergonomic office chair with this gaming model, it is not recommended. But if your price range is $100-$200 then it doesn’t really matter if you choose gaming or office chair. Remember that you should do some breaks from time to time to stretch or walk – regardless how good and ergonomic chair you have.

Headrest, Foorest & Lumbar Pillow – 3 Brilliant Comfort Friends

The headrest is easily adjustable and can cater to people of a height up to six and a half feet.

Other than these features, the foot-rest is another highlight of this budget gaming chair which takes comfort to a whole new level. Don’t worry if you’re tall or short; this seat also lets you adjust the foot-rest to your level of comfort. But if you are about 6’ 2” tall, then you will have a bit of difficulty to get the best out of this footrest.

Ficmax Chair review - Check all features

Some of these functions (like massage and footrest) you can’t find even in more expensive chairs like DXRacer!

However, there is no automatic mechanism with the foot-rest; which means you must manually pull it out every time you use it.

If you are annoyed by back cushions and head pillows, then you need not worry, they are easily removable.

You can even take a nap in it as it is perfectly designed to let you do so.

Massager – Useful Or Crappy Feature?

A massager is embedded in this model as well. Yes, you read that right. The Ficmax gaming chair brandishes a state-of-the-art lumbar cushion that provides the feature of USB-enabled massager as well. So now you can truly enjoy sitting in front of the screen.

The massager is neither rough nor soft but ranges somewhere in the middle. It is at the optimum level and helps alleviate pain and stress. This is a great deal for those of you who wish for such a feature.

Sturdy Material for Long Lasting Life

Don’t you hate it when you buy new furniture and you spill your coffee or orange juice on it and then having to clean it up is an even bigger nightmare?

Ficmax Racing chair has kept all this in mind while designing this low-cost chair and I can’t thank them enough for doing so. Why?

The PU leather is a special type of fabric that is spill-resistant and is also water resistant. So you don’t have to worry if you spill any of sauces, juices or sodas.

Ficmax Gaming Chair Review - Dimension

Don’t worry about stains. PU leather is spill-resistant and water resistant

Leather is a tradeoff between durability and maintenance. Because although the PU leather is easily maintained, it is slightly less durable than real leather. It will wear out faster and will have to be replaced sooner.

The stuffing inside is amazingly permeable and makes sitting in the chair an absolute delight. The interior is light, comfortable and does not easily absorb because of its high-quality permeability.

The material’s lack of durability makes up a tiny portion of the cons of this Ficmax model but because it is a tradeoff, it is not very troublesome.

Great 6 Designs To Choose!

Design of the product is very similar to other gaming chairs. Ficmax give us to choose 6 different designs! Take a look below how they looks like.

Ficmax Gaming Chair offers us a lot of designs

6 colors to choose, so probably everybody could find something for yourself

After-Sales Service – That’s What I Love!

It is very difficult to find a budget gaming chair in this price range that offers amazing customer services as well. This Ficmax comes with an excellent warranty policy.

It comes with a 30-day warranty that for whatever reason you have, you can get it completely replaced or get your money back.

The metallic frame has a lifetime warranty. Whereas, the cushions and other parts have a warranty of 12 months.

Ficmax Gaming Chair Review 2018 - 100% guaranteed from the company

In the past, people have complained about this product not living up to its name because they did not receive the kind of customer service they were looking for. But it changed.

Here’s a bit of advice on how to get the maximum after-sales service:

  1. Only purchase the Ficmax Gaming Chair from trusted sources. I would recommend purchasing this budget gaming chair from Amazon as the original manufacturer has their listing up on Amazon (this one is trusted and official).
  2. If you happen to buy it from any other place, there is not a guarantee that you’ll get the kind of after-sales service you are looking for. So beware – avoid approaching intermediate sellers and rather order through trusted sources.
  3. Be prompt in conveying your issue. If your issue gets prolonged with time and you fail to communicate it within the expected time, there is a high chance you will be told that there is nothing Ficmax can do for you.
  4. If any part of the chair is broken or missing, tell Ficmax right away!

Assembling – Is It Hard?

When the box containing this chair arrives on your doorstep, there will be an instruction manual which clearly states the instructions for setting up the chair. The box includes some necessary materials such as screws and wrenches to help you set up the chair.

Setting it up is moderately difficult. The instructions could be not completely clear for some people and sometimes the fabric gets in the way of where the screws go making it a bit of a pain to put it all together.

Tada! 😅😎 took me a while but it’s done and ready to go! #ficmax #gamingchair

Post udostępniony przez Leo Marc Ang (@tsolokate)

Some people have complained about either not getting enough screws or not getting the right kind of screws but..

…like I said above – this is not a great issue since Ficmax is extremely prompt in replacing faulty parts and screws and will provide for any missing parts or screws.

What Do Other People Think About The Chair? Reviews Of Customers

Generally, people have had positive reviews about this racing chair as it provides the excellent features at a low price range. It’s one of the most popular budget chair for gamers on the market now. The customer service is what has gotten people exceptionally overjoyed as all their complaints are listened to with great care and all problems are resolved within a reasonable amount of time. There have been minor issues with packaging and getting the wrong color but all have been resolved promptly.

Overall Ficmax Gaming Chair Review

This chair is a great deal at the available price. The customer service is commendable as the prompt responses from the customer service team are extremely friendly and efficient. It’s awesome chair for gamers with budget under $200.

Pros and Cons

  • Comes at a lower price as compared to other, more expensive gaming chairs
  • Comes with 4 rotation levels and is perfect for lying down, reading, gaming and general work
  • The sturdy frame makes it durable and will not break easily
  • The gas spring ensures maximum durability and fewer chances of breaking
  • Has thick and wide padding that helps promote blood flow
  • Boasts a 2-speed massage lumbar cushion which can release stress and alleviate pain
  • The headrest is height adjustable
  • A recliner foot-rest is also available with this model
  • Spill-resistant artificial leather
  • Very popular chair last time
  • Very prompt after-sales services
  • May make squeaking and creaking sounds
  • No automatic mechanism for the footrest
  • The artificial leather is not durable
  • There are little chances that you may receive an incomplete shipment (but support is awesome so don’t worry about it too much)

Final Verdict About Ficmax

I would certainly recommend buying this low priced gaming chair if you wish to use it for gaming, general work and reading. It has ample features and is equipped with all the gadgets necessary to make sitting in this chair feel like a luxury.

However, I would not recommend you buy it if you wish to replace your regular, expensive office chair (when I say expensive I mean something over $300-$400).

The massage feature, footrest, adjustable headrest and rotating back cushion makes up for a decently equipped chair that will keep you comfortable for a good number of hours.

You can forget about having to meticulously clean or maintain this chair as it’s amazingly permeable padding and polyester leather make for an easily maintainable chair.

The color scheme, aesthetic and overall look of Ficmax Gaming Chair is on par with other relatively costly gaming chairs.

The safety and sturdiness of the chair is something that can be a major selling point for a lot of people. For me, one of the best inexpensive chairs for gamers! I hope my Ficmax Gaming Chair review helped you with any doubts you had.


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