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Furmax Gaming Chair Review - Is it quality product?

Gaming chairs are a real necessity for gamers like you who like to spend long hours on a computer screen playing your favorite games.

Not only do they provide additional back and neck support, they are also very comfortable to sit on and keep your body seated well. Gaming chairs are a rather innovative invention that has helped gamers retain their physical fitness while gaming.

The Furmax gaming chair is one of the best cheap gaming chairs out there on the market (here you can find full ranking). Furthermore, it ensures maximum neck and back support. It also caters to a variety of users which means it is not an issue whether you have the greater height or heavyweight.

Let’s go, and get more info about this product!

Furmax Gaming Chair – What It Could Offers Us?

You’ll have a painful experience to play games or even use the computer when the chair you use to sit has a poor quality of the material. Well, you can forget that with the Furmax Gaming Chair as it comes with the finest quality PU leather.

You’ll experience a thick padding with a bucket seat which will provide you with some of the best experiences ever as they are extremely comfortable to sit on.

When you’re gaming intensely or having a busy day at the office, you will want to kick back and relax, this is where the footrest of this gaming chair comes into use. It is a fully functional footrest which can be pulled out and used as the user likes.

furmax racing chair footrest

For even further relaxation, Furmax has provided in this gaming chair, the ability to turn the backrest of this chair to a full 180-degree angle.

If you’re a heavy person and weigh more than the average Joe, then do not hesitate while buying this chair, as it can easily accommodate people well over 310 lbs. and still, provide the best experience for the user.

Quick summary about the chair:
This gaming chair is best suited for heavy people who like to use the computer for a longer time and face backaches and neck complications due to sitting on a chair for long hours.

For added comfort, Furmax has even added an extra headset cushion which allows for better cushioning of the neck and helps alleviate neck pain and relieve any stress on the shoulders.

Even the arms are in good hands when I say that the armrests of this chair are extremely supportive and provide a healthy and sturdy support to your arms. While on the chair, you can even swivel a full 360-degree angle and grab other things and multi-task.

furmax high-back reviews detailsSee best price of Furmax chair on Amazon here

The frame has been built with extremely sturdy steel which helps prevent breakage and gives a firm support to the entire structure of the chair and helps keep yourself aligned at all times.

What Do The People Say About This Gaming Chair?

Generally, people consider it to be an above average gaming chair which enjoys a high position in the affordable chairs category. Multiple people have found this gaming chair to be extremely comfortable and even found it to be a huge improvement from what they previously used.

Most people have generally commended the shipping and boxing of the chair; stating that all concerns of the buyer related to boxing and shipping complications were all discarded once the main item of the purchase actually arrived safe and sound.

furmax footrest game chair

The color of this chair has been commented on, numerous times and has been unanimously named a very aesthetic chair in terms of color as it matches the LED color of most computer graphics and lights.

Since it comes at a cheap price with premium features, it has turned out to be a very accepted gaming chair in the industry making it one of the best.

Although, some people have experienced the breaking away of certain parts at certain points in time, however, these complain have been very less and can easily be managed by asking for after-sales services.

Pros & Cons

  • It sports a pull-over footrest which adds to the comfort of the user and relieves any complications which might arise due to sitting in one position.
  • Made from extremely tough leather which is made to last and can stand all kinds of wear and tear.
  • It can rotate 180 degrees to the back making it easy to lie down on it for a while, as well.
  • The price range is very hard to beat as it also offers premium features.
  • The after-sales services of Furmax are excellent.
  • The instructions to put all the components together may be complex to some.
  • Some screws may not fit in the holes provided which can be annoying.

Furmax - Cheap Gaming Chair

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