In these times on the market you can find a lot of chairs. Main two kids are office chairs and gaming chairs.

A lot of people are trying to find some answers and ask “what is the difference between office and gaming chairs?”.

In this article I will explain you what you can expect from these two types of chairs and which one – office chair vs gaming chair will be the better for you.

In the second part of the article I will also show you 3 very good office chairs and 3 gaming chairs. You could choose the best for you depends on your budget and needs.

Office Chair vs Gaming Chair – The Main Differences

I can bet that you saw office chairs a lot of times. This kind of chairs are very common and in every office and almost in every house you can find one like that.

Office Chairs

Office chairs have regular design, very often with mesh or leather material.

Price range of office chairs is very wide. You can find it as cheap as $40 and on the other end even $1000 for chairs like Herman Miller Aeron. Of course chairs for $40 or $50 won’t be the best choice but I had to mention this to be clear.

Better office chairs have neck and lumbar support which you can adjust to your needs.

gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are quite new type of chairs. They become more popular in last few years mainly because of pro gamers and e-sport.

Design of gaming chairs is inspired by racing car seats and thanks to that you can easily recognize gaming chair through the other chairs.

Gaming chairs almost always have pillows for neck and lumbar support – usually you can’t find it in office chairs.

Price of gaming chairs is in most cases from $200 to $500. But you can still find inexpensive gaming chair (even under $200 – I will show you good example later in the article).

A lot of people think that gaming chairs are for people who play a lot of hours – 7 or more. It’s true but on good office chair you can also play or work 7 or more hours without pain. You need to remember about breaks and some exercises from time to time, that’s it.

So What Chair Should I Choose? Office Chair Or Gaming Chair?

Before the choice which chair you are going to buy you need to ask you some questions.

1. What is your budget?
If you don’t want to spend more than $100 on your chair you should focus more on office chair than gaming chairs. Most popular and the best gaming chairs companies are DXRacer, AKRacing or Vertagear and their chairs are worth more than $200. Under $100 you can’t find nothing good if you want gaming chair. But there are some options under $200 (scroll down and check Ficmax chair).

2. Do you like fancy, racing car style?
I read that a lot of people like that kind of design. But also it’s not perfect for everyone. This is only up to you which design of chair you prefer in your room / office: regular and simple design like office chairs have or fancy and sharp gaming chair racing style design.

3. How many hours you spend on your chair?
As I said before you can use both office and gaming chair for long hours work / play. But I’d recommend you more expensive chairs (about $200 or more) if you want to sit on it more than let’s say 4 hours a day.

3 Best Office Chairs – Which One I Recommend?

On the beginning I have to say that I won’t review below chairs with details because I did it on my website before. I will quickly say what you can expect from these chairs and if you would like to read extended review you can find it on my blog in other places.

1. Budget Option – AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

amazon button

This is really simple chair for basic office work but it’s also #1 bestseller on the Amazon! It has hundreds positive reviews and if you want something simple and cheap it will be your choice (as it’s under $100). Nice, classy design with leather and solid base is all what you can expect from that cheap office chair. If you want to check other similar executive style office chair check here.

Good for: People with low budget

Read full review here.

2. Office Chair Under $200 & With Great Ergonomic – TOPSKY Chair

TOPSKY did great job with this chair. It’s compromise between very expensive office chairs and cheap without proper support. TOPSKY chair have great head and lumbar support but also you can adjust almost everything else in this chair. Best option for people who need good office chair for long hours.

Good for: People who need office chair under $200 with good ergonomic and support

Read full review here (scroll down to find).

3. The best of the bests – Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron is a godfather of all office chairs. This is absolutely top chair with the best ergonomic and awesome support for all your body. But to being honest it’s also very expensive and probably not many people could afford it.

Good for: Everyone who has big budget and need top office chair

Read full review here (last chair on the list).

3 Best Gaming Chairs – My Picks

Similar to office chairs – full reviews of below gaming chairs you can find on the other pages of my blog.

1. Budget Option – Ficmax Gaming Chair

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Reviewamazon button

Ficmax is the best option for people who want gaming chair which is also quite cheap. As I mentioned on the beginning of my article it’s hard to find good gaming chair under $100 but if you want to check some click here. Back to the Fimax – it’s great gaming chair with head and lumbar support. It has everything which need good gaming chair. It has even massage function!

Good for: Everyone who want both good and quite cheap gaming chair

Read full review here.

2. Top Gaming Chair #1 – DXRacer Racing Series

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DXRacer is most popular and definitely one of the best company which produce gaming chairs. Racing Series is for average people but I can also recommend other models like King Series or F-Series. Top quality and probably best choice if you want the best gaming chair for you.

Good for: People who want best gaming chair

Read full review here.

3. Top Gaming Chair #2 – AKRacing AK-7002

AKRacing is second after DXRacer most popular company when you look for gaming chairs. Their chairs also use top pro gamers so you can be sure about their quality. AKRacing AK-7002 is one of them.

Good for: People who want best gaming chair. Just like DXRacer.

Read full review here.


I hope that after this article you know which one: gaming chair or office chair is better for you. Differences are quite clear and I hope you also like my examples of best chairs. If you want to check more best both gaming and office chairs feel free to read about them on my blog. Good luck with your choice!

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