We’ve all had moms rushing into our rooms telling us to “go outside” or “get off the computer”. But who in the world can unglue us from our screens? After all, gaming can actually be a real career with millions worth of prize money.

But, parents are also right. Gaming can damage our bodies, especially our spines and our postures. And while I love to imagine none of the matters, painful joints, and a giant hunch force me to think otherwise.

GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

So when I came across the GTracing Gaming Chair, I already knew that I would be signing myself up for quality. In this GTracing Gaming Chair Review, I have listed down our favorite aspects of the chair. See for yourself!

GTracing Gaming Chair – Which Feature You Will Love The Most?

If there was one, I’d name it. But the GTracing Gaming Chair boasts many different aspects that I couldn’t just decide which one to choose. Nevertheless, following are some of the many features. Take a look:

The GTracing Gaming Chair’s main body has a metallic frame that is optimal for supporting the chair and the user, and will not break or succumb to high weights.

GT racing gaming chair material

The second aspect that grabbed my attention was the external covering. It is made of a highly durable leather, and is mostly easy-to-clean and maintain. Apart from that, the cushioning material is mostly foam.

You’ll be amazed to find how far this swivel chair can bend. Usually, most budget chairs would just rotate a few degrees and call it “performance”. However, when the GTracing Chair says performance, it means performance.

Quick summary about the chair:
With a soft pillow headrest and lumbar support cushions, the GTracing Gaming Chair is one of the best affordable chair for gamers on the market. It not only features a 360-degree swiveling angle, but three different modes for easy workability.

The chair has three settings.

The Work Mode is upright and provides an optimal angle that will let your back rest.

The Reading Mode is at an inclined angle and is usually best for passive work or reading text.

The Rest Mode is at an almost 180-degree angle and allows you to lay down and cut off some stress from the back.

Of course, no gaming chair is complete without accessories. This exceptional and cheap gaming chair (btw. here you can find more budget chairs for gamers) features a headrest pillow that is as soft as the clouds. It allows the user to recline their head at ease.

Reviews of GTracing gaming chair. Plus features.
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Furthermore, there is lumbar and lower back support to ease pain, stress and keep the spine in perfect shape.

There are two straps that you can use as safety gear, along with two perfectly-placed armrests. It’s an all-in-one!

What People Think About This Product

I have gone through many authentic sources when it comes to analyzing customer reviews and assessing a final verdict. And while I saw tons of negative reviews about other gaming chairs, I’m excited to say that the GTracing Gaming Chair has the least number of unhappy customers.

Let’s take a deeper look:

The GTracing Gaming Chair features a headrest pillow and a cushion for the lower back. When I analyzed customer reviews I found that almost all of the customers loved this feature. The chair consists of highly comfortable cushions and pillows, and is the perfect choice for many users.

Recline of GTracing Chair

It also features easy assembly. Easy-to-setup and easy-to-collapse. The convenience is almost shocking, and takes just less than 30 minutes to assemble.

Additionally, the chair does feel like it might break or collapse when leaning too far back. But rest assured, this chair will not let you down.

Pros & Cons

  • Supports weight up to 330 pounds.
  • Can rotate 360 degrees, and lean back as far as 170 degrees.
  • Has a pillow headrest and lumbar/lower back support.
  • Metal frame with cotton and P-Leather.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cheaper than other options.
  • May feel like it may break or fall when leaning backward.
  • A bit pricey, but certainly worth the money.

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