Are you looking for inexpensive gaming chair, but also want to use it for other purposes? Well, if yes then Merax Gaming Chair is the one for you. They has launched the new chair which fits best in the budget and is widely used by a number of people.

Gaming chairs are one of their own kind which needs to be designed perfectly with a lot of comforts so you may get full advantage of it.

Merax Gaming Chair Review

Here you are Merax Gaming Chair review:

Features of Merax Gaming Chair

Merax gaming chair is based on a totally new design which has an office chair with a great height overall so you may fix it with your own size. Back is fully supported by having a softly padded layer which gives you comfort.

Does your head hurt in every other chair that you use? Because mine does but guess what Merax has for us, an adjustable headrest which gives us a great support and you can lay back your head whenever needed to do so.

Merax is great cheap gaming chair with recline

The armrests are adjustable according to your need so you can adjust from 0-180 degree, and the chair swivels to 360 degrees in total. It also has a lock function, whenever you have fixed a height that seems accurate to you then you can just lock it down for no movement.

Are you above 200 lbs and worried that you weigh too much and this chair might not fit you in well? Here, you are wrong because Merax gaming chair is one of the best-budgeted chairs which fits load up to 250 lbs. and there are a gas lift and castors that help it do so.

Quick summary about the chair:
If you are a tall person and have been looking for a comfortable chair to help you adjust the seating according to your needs, and help you stay in for longer hours without getting your back hurt then this one is built for you. A 33.4-inches high backrest will allow you to have a comfortable experience.

Some people get uncomfortable sitting on the same chair for long hours, this is where this product comes in handy, as it has deep padding on seat and the back cushions so you will get more comfortable.

See features of good inexpensive chair for gamers - Merax

One of the best things about these chairs is hugging style so you won’t actually feel apart and will fit in so perfectly with no unease.

Many chair companies use normal materials on top, but Merax uses leather so the chair will not be worn off soon and you can enjoy the comfort for a longer run.

What People Think About This Product?

Customer reviews are a crucial factor when analyzing the performance of the product. Let’s find out what customers have to share with you.

Most customers, who bought this chair are really happy with it. The leather is fine but not so durable, the texture seems to be matte which actually looks better than the shiny finish.

This chair will fascinate you with its appearance. The leaning on the back is by far the best function which easily lets you half lie on your back and enjoys the comfort.

Merax Racing Chair - Foam Density

Assembling is a bit difficult and may need some assistance while getting the bolts together. A good thing is that both sides of screws could easily be bolted by plastic cases which makes the fabric safe and work easier for you. But once assembled you are good to go.

A tall person with 200+ lbs fits in well and can still cross legs with comfort.

Wheels on the chair are similar in color to the chair and rotate on most floors very easily without making any noise or interruptions.

Pros & Cons

  • There is a tilt mechanism which gives you a lot of comforts.
  • It could be used as a recliner chair when you need to relax.
  • Designing is unique and on point.
  • You can easily assemble it with no more than 30 minutes.
  • You can buy in various different
  • There is built-in padding for neck and lumbar support.
  • You cannot remove the lumbar
  • The material on armrest might be a bit irritating to some people.

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