Merax gaming chairs becoming to be more and more popular last months.

A lot of people when see their chair and DXRacers think that the only difference between Merax and DXRacer is the price. I can already say, that’s not true.

DXRacer are overpriced? Or maybe Merax is only cheap fake of DXRacer?

Is there make any sense to pay even more than $100 (or more) to buy DXRacer chair instead of Merax?

After my Merax vs DXRacer comparison test you will know what’s the difference between these two chairs… and I don’t only mean the price! 😉

Ready? Let’s start!

Table of Differences Between DXRacer and Merax

DXRacer Chairs

Merax Gaming Chairs
Is Merax Better Than DXRacer?


Up to 200 cm (Tank)

Up to 190 cm

Foam Density

High (54 kg/m³)

Medium (Unknown exact)




Seat size

16″ x 14.5″ x 19″

21.7″ x 20.1″

Parts & material quality



Price range

$$ – $$$$






2 (lumbar, neck)

2 (lumbar, neck)


5 or more in different models

3 (black/blue, green, red)

Adjustable armrests



Back adjustable

Up to 135°

Up to 180°

Weight limit

Up to 300 lbs

Up to 250 lbs

Material type

PU leather & Carbon Look Vinyl

PU leather and padded seat

>> Merax is not the only one alternative for DXRacer. Check my article with 5 great budget gaming chairs which are almost like DXRacer.

What’s Your Height? The Most Important Thing When You’re Considering Merax And DXRacer

DXRacer designed and they are selling a lot of different models of the gaming chairs.

For example DXRacer Formula Series is for people under 5’10” (178 cm). Backrest and the rest of chair is designed for people in this specific size.

On the other way DXRacer Racing is for bigger guys, up to 6’1″ (185 cm) and King Series up to 6,2″ (188 cm).

They have chairs even for people who are 6’6″ (Tank Series).

So how things looks like with Merax?

Merax have a few chairs but every one of them is different. Some of their chairs have footrest, some doesn’t have adjustable arm rests and to being honest only one chair is very popular and the only one I could recommend to you, it’s Merax Gaming Chair with High Back.

Yea this second girl.. Merax is definitely not for her 😀

In this comparison I focus on this specific Merax chair because there’s no sense to compare different models to DXRacer because only this one could be comparable. Design, shape, materials of this chair are the most similar to DXRacer than any other model.

Ok, let’s back to your height.

If you are up to 6’2″ then you can consider buying Merax over the DXRacer. But if you are over 6’2″ I wouldn’t.

Merax don’t say what is recommended size for people who use their chair. So I checked reviews on Amazon (click here if you want to read it) and 6’2″ is probably final height for users of this chair.  A few people over 6’2″ complained about the size of the backrest. It was too low for them.

You can’t expect that one chair will be good for anyone.

So if you are up to 6’2″ feel free to read the rest of my comparison of DXRacer and Merax but if you’re over this height you probably should consider different chair. I’d recommend this DXRacer Tank Series.

Weight Limit For DXRacer And Merax Chairs

This situation is similar to height case.

If you are over 250 lbs Merax is not for you and try with Tank Series which I mentioned above (or even DXRacer King Series which maximum weight is 200 lbs).

Is Quality of DXRacer Really Much Better Than Merax?

Yes and no. It depends on what you expect.

Merax gaming chair is quality and budget gaming chair. It really is.

Quality of material in Merax is almost as good as in DXRacer

People love quality of Merax materials which is also easy to clean. Lumbar and neck pillows are comfortable and the chair is looking very nice. A few people had problems assembling of the chair and screws but it’s not the big deal after you will sit on the chair.

DXRacer quality is also very good but I suppose that I don’t have to say it. Even if you open the box with the chair everything looks perfect. When I assembled DXRacer chair it took me about 20 minutes because all elements were perfectly prepared to put together.

Assembling of Merax could be a little bit harder. I don’t had opportunity to assemble Merax chair but I read reviews of people who had small problems. But again, it’s nothing big and you shouldn’t be worried about that. Probably it’s the difference of 10-15 minutes.

If I’d have to make the decision only basing on quality of Merax and DXRacer to being honest I wouldn’t pay more for only that small things. But.. what about the comfort?

Which Chair is More Comfortable?

Because that’s most important, right?

And in this category we could see the real reason why DXRacer is more expensive than Merax.

You are sitting on the seat part. Seat should be the most comfortable part of the chair. And in DXRacer it is. Foam is really soft and deep. Also “wings” of the seat are nicely soft.

Oh yes, now it's comfy!

Oh yes,  now it’s perfect

In Merax? Not necessarily. I don’t say it’s not comfortable chair but a few people complained about it. They said that “wings” of the chair are not really soft and if you have wider hip it could be problem for you. But.. do you have wider hip?

As I said, Merax chair is rather for average people, not these big one’s. If you are quite slim and not heavy Merax should be good for you.

This is also the reason why DXRacer is more expensive. All parts of the chair are perfect and soft.

So if you really care about comfort and details and you have budget for even more comfortable DXRacer chair you should check:

Other Small Differences, They Are Important?

There’s a few small differences between the chairs. Not really important but maybe you will recognize it as useful for you.

Merax chair has back adjustable up to 180°. DXRacer “only” up to 135°. But let’s be honest, who cares about it? 135° is more than enough I think.

A few people complained about arm rests of Merax. They said that should be possibility to get it higher. I tried Merax chair and for me arm rests are fine.

Why You Should Buy DXRacer?Why You Should Buy Merax?
  • More comfortable because of more foam on the seat
  • If you are big guy (over 6’2″ or 250 lbs) DXRacer Tank Series will be perfect for you
  • Assembling is super easy
  • More colors to choose
  • Cheaper than DXRacer
  • Really nice quality for good price
  • It has all most important features of good gaming chair like pillows for lumbar and neck, adjustable arm rests, adjustable backseat

My Conclusion of Merax vs DXRacer Comparison

I think that most important in this choice is your height. If you are over 6’2″ you should choose DXRacer (Tank Series would be the best). Also if you are heavy guy.

But if you are average size and your budget is limited Merax won’t be the worst option for you. Actually it will be quite good and affordable gaming chair. Maybe not perfect but definitely comfortable, nice gaming chair and good, cheaper DXRacer alternative. But still before you will buy definitely check Amazon reviews here.

Hope my article with DXRacer vs Merax comparison helped you. Don’t remember to share your thoughts below in comments section!

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